The Bifrost opened in what seemed to be a desert world, nothing but rocks and sand could be seen across the horizon. It was night a couple of moons could be seen orbiting the planet.
-Where are we dad?-Even asked Loki
-I don´t know Even, but if Heimdall sent us here Gamora should be close by-Loki answered Even
-Who is Gamora? – Eydls asked
-She´s a friend, according to Locke she will be able to help us- Loki answered as he carefully scanned the area, the Bifrost could have drawn unwanted attention to them.
-Dad! – Even suddenly called him –Someone is coming-
-Prepare yourself, we don´t know who or what could be closing on us.-As he spoke he pulled Laevathian out of its sheath.
Both Eydl and Even changed to defensive positions as their hands glowed with magic.
Within seconds they were surrounded by a rather peculiar small group that included a sort of armored raccoon and a creature that resembled a tree.
-Who are you and what are you doing here? – A man with a metal facemask asked them while pointing his gun at them.
-I don´t see how is that of your concern-Loki answered while lifting his sword in a threatening move.
-Loki? – A female’s voice asked in wonder.
-Gamora? – Loki turned around as he heard her voice.
-Is that really you?-Gamora was pointing her gun at him uncertain he was the same man she had knew.
-Sister, it is me – Loki answered as he lowered his sword.
Loki was the only one who knew he called her sister.
-Brother- Gamora closed the gap between them and hugged him –You are alive!-
-Yes I am –Loki smiled as he hugged her back
-Sister? – The man in the facemask inquired
-Brother? – Even and Eydl asked
-It´s a long story-Gamora answered them.
-One we don´t need to tell right now-Loki swiftly answered while looking directly at Gamora´ s eyes, then added – Can we talk in private?-
-All right –Gamora answered, then she noticed everyone was still holding defensive positions –But I think we should introduce our partners before they kill each other.-
Loki nodded as he motioned his son and daughter to his side- These are my children, Eydls and Even-
-Your children? You are full of surprises- Gamora smiled as she looked at them, then proceeded to present her companions –This is Peter Quill, the living tree is Groot, that´s Rocket and over there is Drax .-
-So, we are ok? – Peter asked her
-Yes, don´t worry. I know Loki from a long time- Gamora answered him then told Loki –Come to our ship we can talk there-
As soon as they arrived to the ship Gamora and Loki left everyone in the common area as they went to the platform where they could took without being interrupted.
-I gather your children don´t know anything about me or Thanos by the way you reacted, am I right? – Gamora asked him as soon as they were alone.
-Can you blame me? That´s not the sort of thing you would like your kids to know.-Loki stated
-You are right, it´s not, so after 24 years I hardly think this is a social visit.-
-You are right, it´s not. I need your help-Loki told her.
-I will help you anyway I can –she answered –But first let me look at you- she held his face between her hands- I can´t believe you are alive, Thanos told me you had died. I mourned for you, you know? –
Loki blushed as she spoke – I almost did, that´s when my parents thought about letting everyone else to believe I had to protect me from Thanos. I couldn´t tell you.-
-I´m not reproaching you Loki. How did you manage to stay hidden for so long?-
-With this- Loki showed her his amulet – Father had it crafted specially for shielding me from Thanos.
Gamora held it for a moment –It was a good thing he did. Thanos was enraged after you were defeated by the Avengers; I think he was waiting for an opportunity to imprison you again when we learn of the battle against the Dark Elves. He even sent Nebula to your funeral to confirm you were dead.
Loki paled at the thought of Thanos waiting to imprison him again back all those years while he was in Asgard Dungeons.
Gamora noticed his discomfort and asked him –Are you ok? I didn´t wanted to awake unpleasant memories.-
-I tried to forget about what happened-Loki confessed –It took me a long time, but even know I still have nightmares about those days-
-I know how you feel, what he did to us is not something you can forget easily; but we shouldn´t talk about that. Tell me what happened to you after you left to Earth.-
Loki told her about the Avengers and how he was able to escape Thanos´ mind control after being trashed around by the Hulk. His trial and Thor´s discovery of his wounds, the Dark Elves invasion and his part in their defeat.
He also told her of his banishment and the time he spent as a mortal until he proved himself worthy. Of how he joined the Avengers afterwards which led him to meet Diane. He talked about their children and ended by telling her what had happened during the last couple of days including his conversation with Locke about stopping Thanos before it were too late.
Gamora listened to him attentively as he finished she asked him.-So are you doing this to save the Universe or Diane?-
Loki sighed –To say the truth mainly for her, saving the Universe is shall we say a bonus-
Gamora laughed – A bonus? Well, that´s a very big bonus-
Loki asked her – So, are you going to help us?-
-I would have helped you only for the pleasure of crossing Thanos, but if you are going to throw the future of the universe in the balance I don´t think I have a choice neither. – She answered
-Thank you sister – Loki warmly smiled at her
-Don´t thank me until this is over –Gamora told him –Now the main problem is getting aboard Sanctuary II without getting caught. I think we need a thieves´ input on this. Come on let´s talk to Peter.-
-Gamora?-Loki suddenly asked –Do you think we can keep…-
-Your imprisonment with Thanos a secret? – She interrupted him
-Yes- He answered
-Don´t worry brother, your secret is safe with me- She smiled as they walked back to the common area.
-So you are certain you never heard of me … Starlord? – Peter was asking Eydl and Even as they arrived
-No we haven´t –Even told him
-But again, we have never been in another planet except from Earth and Asgard until now- Eydls added
-That has to be the reason –Peter told mostly to himself then he saw Loki and Gamora walking in.
-Is the brotherly reunion over? – He jokingly asked.
-It´s just a pet name we gave each other- Gamora rolled her eyes at him –Get over it!-
-Ok, you don´t have to be so touchy about it-Peter replied while giving Loki an envious look –So, what does prince charming wants?-
-Prince charming?-Loki though as he gave Peter an inquisitive look.
-Nothing much, to steal Thanos Infinity Soul Gem while saving the Universe and resurrecting his dead wife in the process- Gamora replied with a smirk
Peter mouth fell open –What? Are you both out of your minds? –It´s not like we can just pickpocket Thanos for the gem.-
-I know, that´s why we need a thieves´ input on how to get into Sanctuary II undetected to steal it. – Gamora smiled at him
-Are you serious? – Peter asked her
-I´ll explain to you later, but thrust me. We have to help them.-Gamora replied
-Ok- Peter sighed.-If you really want to go ahead with this we´ll have to meet with Yondu, he might already have a plan to steal Thanos´ treasures.-
-Perfect – Gamora replied.