Thor couldn´t take his mind of what he had seen, the bruising could have happened during the battle, but the scars. Those awful scars wrapping Loki´s body, he knew they had to be from a flogging. The mere though send shivers through his spine.
Who could have done this? Who could have scared his brother so much that he rather keep quiet?
He had reached the healers room, he needed to find Sygn. She was one of the best healers and a very trustworthy person. He needed her to treat Loki’s wounds without their parents finding out, not that Odin would care he was too angry at Loki to care, he was too proud to admit Loki´s actions hurt him because he still loved him. And Frigga, she would freak out if she knew, she would even try to set him free, which wouldn´t be the best thing considering how powerful a mage Loki was and how scared he looked. No, Loki would be safer for the time being on his cell –where no harm can come- he had said to him. Thor suspected it meant no harm could come to Loki there.
The scars … how could someone do that to his little brother? They traced all over of his body, his chest as well as his back, and there was something oddabout the way they looked as if something hot had been used to make them. The thought of Loki getting that kind of punishment made him feel sick.
Sygn stopped his train of thought when she saluted him.
-Thor, what are you doing here, are you hurt?-
-Hello Sygn, no I am all right but I need a favor.-
-What do you need? – said Sygn with a smile
-I need you to go to the dungeons and treat Loki for some wounds, but I need you to be discreet, do not tell anyone but me of what you will see. –
-You are intriguing me Thor, but I will do as you ask-
-Thank you Sygn-
With that Thor left the healing rooms towards his chambers, he needed to think, could Loki had been forced into invading Midgard? And who could have done it striking Loki’s heart with so much fear?
His brother could be many things, but not a coward, he wouldn´t be so easily spooked.
Thor kept thinking as he showered, he touched the scar Loki gave him recently and started to wonder if his brother hadn´t really wanted to injure him. He could have killed me or the others during the battle, why didn´t he tried?