Sygn arrived at the dungeons, she had only been there once but she remembered the procedure so she didn’t had anything on her that could be used as a weapon but she carried a portable Soul Forge which would make her job easier and faster.
Thor already had given orders to the guards to take her to Loki, his cell was on a corner so no much privacy could be expected, not that she wanted some but Thor´s request to be discreet would be hard to keep. As if they had read her mind the guards told her that she had half an hour before they returned for her.
Loki looked both surprised and intrigued about her presence but did not said a word.
-I am here at your brother´s request- She finally said
Loki seemed about to protest when she continued – He asked me to treat you for some wounds with total discretion; a promise I intend to keep unless you make a scene-
Loki let out a sigh as he said – Well, let´s get to it- saying this he took off his shirt which caused Sygn to let out a muffled gasp, she surely had seen worst wounds but not too many. The wounds looked untreated; as she started to examine one of the scars onLoki´s back he winced at her touch.
-I am sorry, do they hurt much?-Sygn asked
-Not as much as they used to- Loki simply stated not turning around.
-Can you tell me anything that would help me choosing the best treatment for them?-
-I do not think so-
-All right, I will apply some medicine to them, brace yourself it might sting a lot. Please sit.-
Loki sat at the bed which was really the only place he could sit in as Sygn started to treat his wounds Loki bit his lower lip trying not to scream, though Sygn touch was gentle the ointment she was applying on his wound did sting a lot. He closed his eyes fighting off the tears he could feel forming.
Although Sygn was very fast it seemed like an eternity, Loki was feeling lightheaded and soon he had to find support on a little table beside his bed.
-I am finished- Sygn told him – You can put your shirt on now. Lay on the bed now I need to check you with the Soul Forge.-
Loki felt glad he could lie down, he did not wanted Sygn to see how weak he was feeling.
Sygn started making a recording with the Soul Forge, she knew the guards would be getting back soon so she wouldn´t have time to do a full checkup right there, but she could review the recording later.
Although she didn’t say a word about it, she knew the treatment had taken his toll on Loki, but thankfully next time wouldn´t be as trialing. She prepared some medicine and gave it to Loki –Drink it, it will help you rest-
As soon as he had taken it the guards appeared.
-I will come back tomorrow to check on you-
-To torture me a little more – Loki said with a sad smile
-You are going to be a very complaining patient, are you not?-
-You can bet on it- Loki replied as his smile seemed warmer.
Sygn was glad to get out of the dungeons, the air seemed so stuffed and stale in them, she craved for fresh air and sunlight. Then she returned to the healing rooms she had a recording to examine.