-According to the recording this has been going on for some time now – Coulson tells Thor as soon as the recording has ended.

-How long have you been aware of these encounters? –a pensive Thor asks him

-We´ve only picked up some strange readings that resembled Loki´s the day before, we weren´t sure they were his until he showed up; that´s when we called you – Coulson answered

-I can´t believe she was following Loki´s trail, how did she found him?-Thor asks Coulson in exasperation

-Your guess is as good as mine, she managed to find him when SHIELD couldn´t –Coulson points out then adds –Thor, I read the Golden Bridge incident report, I understand you feel responsible for Leah in account of what happened, but is that all?-

Thor gives Coulson a questioning look –What do you mean?-

-I wonder if … you had feelings for her.-

-How you dare suggest such a thing? After all she has been through I would not take advantage of her. – Thor roars

-I´m sorry Thor, I didn´t mean anything by it, I just had to ask – Coulson quickly apologized to the irritated god.

-I ´d better go see if she´s all right –Thor answers still angry at Coulson´s question.

As Thor leaves Nick Fury walks in the room and asks Coulson –So, do you think he´ll get in our way?-

-He does have feeling for her Sir, even if he hasn´t figure it out yet. You can bet he´s going to give us a hard time.-

-And are you going to give me a hard time too, Coulson?-Fury asks him

-I agree with Thor Sir, she´s been through enough already, but I´m not that naïve. I know she can be a great asset, but I wonder if Loki will really come back for her Sir, after all he abandoned her.-

-Trust me on this Coulson, I have a feeling he will –Fury ends his phrase as he pats Coulson´s shoulder.

Meanwhile Thor has arrived in the medical ward and is sitting next to Leah´s bed waiting her to wake up. The doctors had administer her a sedative after she almost had a nervous breakdown when she woke up on board the hellicarrier. The truth had been too much for her to handle.

It was the second time Thor had been at her bedside, the first time it had been him who had put her there, not intentionally of course, collateral damage Tony called her.

As he looked at her Thor noticed that even if this time she wasn´t injured she didn´t look any healthier than the last time.

Steve interrupted his thoughts as he approached –How is she? – He asked

-Your healers say she is fine at least physically, although they are running some more tests to make sure. – Thor answered, concern showing through his voice.

-She´s a strong lady Thor, I´m sure she´ll be fine. What I don´t understand is what she was doing with Loki. –

-Looking for answers – Clint answered and added after looking into both Thor and Steve´s puzzled faces –About that day, about why he did it. At least that would´ve bothered me too.-

-Come on! Who knows what´s on reindeer games mind –Tony interrupted – She should´ve been happy he chose to do something nice that day, and moved on.-

-Not everyone is as uncaring as you Tony – Natasha scolded him – Normal people have something tedious to you called feelings.-

-I have feelings too! – Tony complained –And now you have hurt them – he added as he made a serious pout trying to look offended.

-You´ll survive! – Natasha replied with a smirk.

-I don´t think that´s important right now, Thor is right about something what´s wrong with her isn´t physical. – Banner interrupted then he added as he fidgeted with his glasses – I don´t think being in SHIELD´s custody will help her mental state, she needs to be in a more friendly environment. And I´ll admit this much I´m not that comfortable around them either.-

-Come on Bruce! They are the good guys – Tony snapped.

-That may be true, but they believe on the end justifying the means and I don´t like that.-

-So what do you suggest Doctor? – Natasha asked.

-Well – Bruce doubted for a moment –Right now, I think the only person that can make her feel safe is you Thor.-

-Me? –Thor asked in disbelief – But I nearly … –

-Yes, we all know, and you spent months apologizing afterwards, she has no one left, she knows and trusts you, she knows you´ll keep her safe.-

-That I will – Thor roars with conviction.