-I didn´t though Thor would give us trouble so soon –Fury tells Coulson

-But he had a point Sir, staying in the hellicarrier would only contribute to the deterioration of Leah´s mental health, she doesn´t trusts us. You saw how she reacted when she woke up.-

-That´s the only reason I agreed for her to leave with them, besides should we need her we know exactly where she is. -Fury added still angry at the present outcome, though he knew they would have to fight the Avenger´s for Leah´s custody at some point this wasn´t the right moment to do so.

Leah had been more than happy to leave with Thor and the rest of the Avenger´s, she wasn´t exactly sure why but SHIELD made her nervous, she had almost cried with joy when she saw Thor at her side instead of SHIELD´s agents when she woke up, she couldn´t wait to get away from them.

Afterwards in the Avenger´s tower Dr. Banner was finishing his own medical examination of Leah.

-But they already draw my blood in SHIELD, do we really need to do this again? –Leah complained pointing to the small puncture mark she had in her arm.

-I´d rather have my own lab results, it´s just a little pinch, I´ll be gentle, I promise. – Banner tried to reassure her

-Ok – Leah sighed with defeat “I´m too tired to argue any way” were her thoughts.

-You seem fine, except for your malnutrition and lack of sleep symptoms, but that can be easily fixed with some rest and food, when was the last time you ate?-Banner asked Leah-

-I think … yesterday´s morning –Leah responded as she slightly blushed, she didn´t thought he could notice and that made her uncomfortable.

-There’s no need to be ashamed Leah, I once too wondered on the streets, I know how it´s like, it can be our secret if you want to – Bruce reassured her, she did look one step away from homeless.

-I … -Leah started to protest then changed her mind –Thank you Dr. Banner, I would appreciate it.-

-Please call me Bruce, Leah. Now let´s get you something to eat, afterwards you can go to your room and get some rest.-

At the mention of food Leah´s stomach complained with a sound full growl that made her blush even more than before –Oh dear!- she exclaimed in embarrassment.

-Don´t worry, Tony has a stock full kitchen, I´m sure we can find you something tasty to eat.- Bruce said as he gave her an understanding smile.

As they reached the kitchen they found Thor and Clint finishing a pizza, Leah prayed her stomach would keep quite this time, fortunately it did. Bruce left after a while, telling them that he had to take care of Leah´s lab results.

After a while Leah yawned, she was tired, being sedated wasn´t the same that resting though she felt conflicted, dreaming didn´t sound as appealing as the day before.

-I think we should let you get some rest Leah, after all it has been a long day-Thor told her as soon as he noticed her getting sleepy.

-But I don´t feel tired –Leah lied –I want to hear how your adventure ended.

-Nonsense, you can hear it tomorrow; besides the Doctor ordered lots of food and rest and I don´t plan on crossing him – Clint joked

-All right, but you are voting me off the island – Leah pouted

-We are what? – Thor inquired.

-She means she doesn´t want to go Thor – Clint explained, it seemed there would always be a common day expression or reference to explain to Thor; after all the cultural differences between planets were least to say … huge.

-I will show you your new accommodations Leah, I am quite sure you will find Stark´s hospitality more than welcoming- Thor made a small vow while pointing her to the door.

-Good night then –Leah told Clint – But I do want to hear the rest of your story tomorrow.- She had decided she wouldn´t break down in front of them anymore when she woke up the second time in the hellicarrier mostly because she didn´t wanted to be sedated again. She had learned to hide her emotions too well during the past months, they didn´t needed to see her cry, so the only option left was trying to act as normal as possible, like normal would be a word that could describe her situation.

They had just reached Leah´s room when a voice called for Thor –Mr. Odinson your presence is urgently requested by Mr. Stark in the penthouse.-

-All right Jarvis, tell him I´m on my way- the he added – I am sorry Leah but I have to go.-

-It´s all right Thor, I´m sure you have important matters to attend to I’ll be fine – she gave him her best fake smile.

Thor smiled her back as he told her good night, then made his way towards the penthouse.

-What is the urgent matter you called me for? – Thor asked as soon as he reached the penthouse where Steve and Tony were talking to a virtual screen where an image of Nick Fury appeared.

-Fury wants us to take Leah back with SHIELD. – Tony almost yelled – Like we hadn´t had this same argument a couple of hours ago-

-Why? We are just getting her settled, and she already looks a lot better.- Clint asked as he arrived.

-Probably because they just found out the same I just did. – Bruce added as he walked in

-What did you find out? – Steve asked intrigued.

-That Leah is pregnant. – Bruce answered

-I´m what?! – Leah screamed in surprise, no one had noticed her walking in just behind them, she had felt scared of being alone and went in looking for company.

-With Loki´s child –Fury added – This changes everything, I want her back on board the hellicarrier as soon as possible.-

-That´s not going to happen- Thor boomed – The child is my nephew and he will stay under my protection as well as his mother.-

They were all in the middle of a very heated argument when Jarvis interrupted them – Mr. Stark I´m afraid your guest Mrs. Leah is having a panic attack and she need assistance urgently.-

The whole room went silence, no one had noticed her leaving the room; then Steve told Fury – I think we´d better end this later.-

-Agreed –Fury answered as the screen went dead.

-Jarvis, where´s Leah? – Tony asked the AI.