Without further delay the team got on board the Quinjet as they go through their plan which consisted mainly in rescuing the Museum visitor´s whom had become Loki and Doom´s hostages. Tony would draw the attention of the doombots posted outside so the rest of the team could go in undetected.

As they got closer to Central Park Steve approached Thor –Can I have a word with you?-he asked to the blond god as he took him aside from the others. Thor followed him slightly irritated.

-Before you say anything, I need you to promise me you will stick to our plan, our priority is to rescue the hostages, any personal issues will have to wait until then, do we understand each other Thor? –Steve asked him a very serious look on his face.

-We do Captain, and once we have rescued the hostages, Loki is mine.-Thor aggressively answered

-All right –Steve replied, then he added –And Thor, just remember whatever happens between you and Loki down there Leah´s going to find out eventually, so … don´t do anything you´ll regret later.- without waiting for Thor´s replied Steve left.

Thor was taken aback by Steve´s comment, he was still very furious at Loki, but Steve´s words lingered on his mind.

Within minutes they we´re landing in Central Park, Jarvis had used the satellites to locate the hostages, they we´re in the Ocean Life Hall. Before leaving to play his part on their plan Tony jokingly told them –Guys, remember it´s a museum. Try not to break everything- then he lured the doombots posted outside on a wild goose chase while the rest of the team went in.

-Where to Nat? – Clint asked Natasha who had the plans of the museum

-To our right, we need to follow the corridor until we hit wall and then left – She answered as she added – They chose their position carefully, there´s only one way in or out, they´ll see us coming-

-Is there a way we can access the hall from the upper level?-Steve asked her.

After a few seconds of analyzing the map Natasha smiled as she answered –Yes, there is. Here. – She pointed a corridor on the second floor that had a view to the lower level.

-Perfect, Thor and I will go to the second floor, you and Clint will go ahead and lure the doombots to that precise spot so we can ambush them. –

-All right, meet you there – Natasha answered as both Clint and she proceed to follow the corridor.

It didn´t took them long to find some resistance as they approached the hall, though compared to other enemies doombots were a fairly easy target their number´s didn´t made it any easier.

-I hate this damn things! – Clint shouted to Natasha as they ducked behind some pillars.

-I think they feel the same way about us – Natasha yelled him back as she fired her gun.

Suddenly they heard the sound of metal against metal, in less than a minute it all went silence as they took a peek they saw Steve and Thor.

-What took you so long?-Natasha complained

-This place is like a maze –Steve answered – It took us a while to find the right corridor.-

-Well, I´m glad you did- Client told them as he added – Should we get moving?-

-This way boys – Natasha motioned them.

Within moments they had reached the hostages and got rid of the remaining doombots, but there was no trace of Doom or Loki there.

-Why would they get into so much trouble just to leave?-Steve asked outloud mainly to himself

-Maybe the hostages were a diversion – Natasha answered

-Umm, Sir? – a small child pulled from Steve´s uniform.

-Yes?- Steve answered as he knelt to the child´s level, then the young boy whispered something on his ear.

Steve smiled as he ruffled the kids hair–Thank you son, now go to your parents. –

-You are welcome Captain- the boy answered with a big smile before running to his folks.

-I think I know where Doom and Loki are –Steve told the rest of the team – He said they were talking about a gift from the stars.-

-The Meteorite Exhibition.- Tony said as he walked in

-Right!- Steve agreed – Thor and I will go to the Exhibit, while the tree of you get this people to safety, we don´t know if Doom has more doombots hiding around.

-All right! Call us if you need us –Tony answered

-You are going to need this – Natasha said as she handed the Museum plans to Steve.

The Ross Hall of Meteorites was on the opposite side of the Museum, as they approached they could hear the sound of glass breaking and voices, it seemed that they still hadn´t found what they were looking for.

Once they were close enough Thor shouted –Loki!-

Both Loki and Doom turned in surprise being caught off guard, but they didn´t stood still for long as Thor was already charging against Loki, he tackled him with such strength they both went through the Museum outer wall and landed in the middle of the street.

While Steve dealt with Doom inside the Museum, Thor and Loki´s fight had already taken them to Central Park.

Both adversaries were strong, Thor was armed with Mjolnir while Loki had a three points spear which he used with great skill.

-Are we angry brother? – Loki mockingly told Thor as he blocked another blow from Thor´s hammer with his spear.

-You know very well I am- Thor spat at him as he flung his hammer against Loki again who ducked and avoided being hit for only a couple centimeters

-Anger makes you slow Thor – Loki again mocked him as he swung his spear against Thor´s leg making him fall.

Thor grunted as he quickly got up and charged again – How dare you do that to her? – He reproached Loki

-Her? … Oh! Do you mean that midgardian bitch I dich when SHIELD found me – Loki laughed sarcastically as he and Thor kept throwing and blocking punches at each other – I got tired of her, why you care? You like her? You can have her- Loki mocked him again as he had successfully managed to make Thor unhand Mjolnir, then he swirled his spear ready to make another attack.

Thor couldn’t believe how cold and demeaning were Loki´s words about Leah, it only made him angrier –I´ll teach you to talk about Leah like that – Thor shouted as he flung himself against Loki grabbing Loki´s spear and using it to pin Loki to the ground.

– I don´t see what the big deal is – Loki added– She had her fun and so did I-

-Fun! You call that fun? You deceive her – Thor yelled at Loki who seize the opportunity and twirl his spear against Thor´s head to free himself.

As he got up he shouted –I´m the god of lies Thor, that´s what I do! – He was smiling as he swiftly charged against Thor again who was still on the ground summoning Mjolnir at his side. – Why do you care?-

Mjolnir flew to Thor´s hand just in time for him to block Loki´s blow, then quickly charged again with all his strength as he shouted – I care because she´s pregnant with your child –

Thor words sank in Loki´s heart at the same moment Mjolnir broke his spear breaking sparkles, the strength of the shock wave send Loki flying a few meters away against a tree.

Thor expected Loki to attack again, the blow had been strong but no strong enough to defeat him, but Loki didn´t moved, he just stayed on his knees looking to the ground in defeat –I´ve failed!- were the words that were frozen on his lips.

-No, you are not going to get away this easy Loki – Thor grunted – Fight me!-

As Loki didn´t answered him back Thor pulled him up by his clothes – Fight me I say!-

-Did you left them with SHIELD?- were Loki´s words as he looked up at Thor

-What?!- Thor asked in return

-Tell me! Did you left her with SHIELD? – Loki asked again.

-Why do you care? – Thor spat at him.

-Because I love her you stupid oaf!- Loki yelled to him

– You liar … – Thor roared ready to give Loki a piece of his mind

-I´m not lying- Loki yelled back, only then Thor noticed the lonely tear running down Loki´s cheek.

-No! You abandoned her… – Thor said as he took a step back releasing Loki wondering I there were any true to his words

– I thought I could save her, but I was too late – Loki explained

-Save her from what? – Thor inquired still unsure if it was just another of Loki´s tricks

-From me! – Loki shouted as he hit his chest with his fist – I only bring chaos Thor, everything I touch becomes tainted, I wanted to spare her, but I was selfish it took me too long to let her go.-

-Then why did you said such poisonous words about her? – Thor inquired again

-The same reason I abandoned her to SHIELD, to make you all think that I didn´t cared for her, that way you would’ve considered her just another victim and let her go. But I failed. – Loki´s sounded desperate.

-I´m still not convinced you are telling me the truth, I want you to explain everything to me until I am satisfied. – Thor answered

-Thor, we are in the middle of a fight – Loki told him with irony

-I don´t see us fighting right now. Truce? – Thor volunteered

-If I answer your questions will you answer mine? – Loki asked in earnest

-I promise- Thor agreed

-Truce then – Loki agreed –Though I suggest a change of scenario. I don´t want this conversation to fall into the wrong ears.-

Suddenly Loki teleported them to one the roof of one of the building surrounding Central Park, Thor had been prepared for an attack when he realized Loki had teleported them and was surprised when there was none.

Loki read the surprise in Thor´s face and told him – We agreed on a truce, and I will keep my end of the bargain, at least until I get the answers I want.- he smirked sadly

As he sat on the cornice asked – What do you want to know Thor?-