Weeks had gone by without any news from Loki, it seemed he had fallen of the face of the Earth. Meanwhile his absence added to the fact that Leah had been cooped in the Avenger´s Tower all that time, which started to take it´s tall on Leah´s mood, she was growing sadder and restless although she made her best effort to hide it from the others by the time morning sickness appeared everyone had noticed she wasn´t taking it as well as she claimed.

The only times she seemed genuinely happy was when Thor told her stories about his and Loki´s youth. From time to time she would smile and said to herself mostly –So that really happened- or –It was true-.

Thor cherished those precious moment where Leah smiled forgetting all of her worries at least as long as his stories lasted. He was grateful to Loki for saving her, and at the same time enraged he had deceived her so, he wanted to protect her, to keep her safe from everything and everyone.

One morning Leah failed to appear for breakfast, concerned Thor looked for her in her room, when he couldn´t find her there he remembered about Jarvis and asked the A.I. –Jarvis, can you please tell me Leah current whereabouts.- he still felt strange talking to Starks invisible servant, though he knew it would be faster than looking for her all over the Tower.

-She is in the penthouse Mr. Odinson, in the terrace. – The A.I. quickly answered

-Thank you Jarvis – within moments Thor had reached the penthouse, Leah was sitting on the floor of the terrace, resting her head over one bended knee, she was so self-absorbed she didn´t heard Thor walking in until he spoke.

-You missed breakfast – Thor softly told her.

Startled by his presence Leah gave a small jump as she started to dry out the tears she had been shedding with her sleeves – Thor … I … I´m not in the mood for breakfast right now .-

-Are you feeling all right? I can call Dr. Banner …-

-No!- Leah interrupted him – I don´t feel ill, I´m just not in the mood, I just want to be alone for a while.-

-But Leah, you should think of your baby …- Thor started to scold her.

His words made something snapped inside Leah, her previous sadness turned into rage as she answered him –Think about my baby? You think I´m not thinking about him? That´s all I think about! What will happen when he´s born? We will have to stay here for always? For our own protection? I hate being locked in here, this maybe more comfortable than the hellicarrier but it´s a prison nonetheless.-

-You could always come with me. –Thor told her

-To Asgard? – Leah shrieked – How is that any better? Your people hate Loki as much as Earth people do, if not more. There´s no chance of happiness for us there.-

-I don´t know what you want me to say or do – Thor answered her a bit angry at her outburst

-I don´t want you to say or do anything Thor, what I want I cannot have. Just leave me alone! – Leah spat at him as she started walking away.

Thor grabbed her hand desperate to console her –Wait Leah, don´t go! What is it that you want?-

-I want my freedom back! – Leah answered crying as she kept trying to wriggle her hand out of Thor´s she screamed in despair – I want Loki! –

Thor left her hand go surprised by her statement, as soon as Leah felt her hand free she ran inside the penthouse towards the lift, leaving a very confused, hurt and angry Thor behind.

Suddenly Steve´s voice came up in his intercom – Thor … –

-What?! – was Thor´s angry response.

-Thor we need you to come to the situation room, Loki has finally showed up and he´s not alone.-

-I´m on my way Captain – Thor answered, he was glad the opportunity had presented itself to give Loki a piece of his mind.

When Thor arrived to the situation room everyone had already geared up, Loki, Doom and Doom´s army of doombots were on the screen.

-So, what are they up to this time? – Clint asked

-It seems they are after something inside the Natural History Museum. Knowing Doom it could be anything – Banner answered

-Anything powerful and dangerous you mean – Tony added.

-So what are we waiting for? – Thor replied

-Aren’t we a bit eager this morning big man? –Stark started asking though Thor´s angry glare made him add – And it´s not of my business, forget I said anything.-

After settling for a plan they decided to leave someone in the Tower to keep an eye of Leah in case SHIELD got any ideas to retrieve her while they were away. Bruce volunteer to stay, he alone could stop any intruders trying to break in.

Before they left Thor took Banner aside and told him – I´m afraid I made Leah upset earlier, would you … –

-Talk to her? Don´t worry Thor I will.- Banner reassured him.

It was a good thing the plan included Thor dealing with Loki, that way he wouldn´t feel guilty of leaving his teammates to deal with Doom and his army.