As Loki left Thor alone at the rooftop the blond god sighted in disappointment as he nodded his head negatively, it was a rather slim chance of Loki doing the right thing … at least this once, and now he regretted taking it .

-“I should´ve just beat some sense into him.”- Thor thought to himself then changed his mind –“No, that wouldn´t had make it right, not for her at least”- His desire to make Leah happy conflicted with his own desires, and adding Loki to the mix only made it worst; if he didn´t loved her too it would´ve made things so much easier for all of them. And now that he knew the answers Leah needed he was torn between telling her or not. Wouldn´t it just make everything more difficult for her? His hearth and head hurt with the problem at hand, what should he tell her?

Finally Thor decided to figure it out later, he had been away from his teammates for a long while, he should check on them. So he turned his comlink on and asked Jarvis to communicate him with Steve.

-Captain, I am afraid Loki got away, did you managed to capture Doom?-Thor asked in hope

-No, he got away too – Steve regretfully informed him –But Stark may have found what they were after, a vibranium meteorite. We were about to take it with us to avoid another intrusion to the Museum.-

-I´m on my way then, I will meet you in the Quinjet.-Thor replied.

The short travel back to the tower was a quiet one for Thor, he kept trying to figure out the best course of action regarding Leah, as they landed Tony couldn´t resist the urge anymore and asked him –So, Point Break … what´s wrong? You´ve been awfully quiet. Did something happened with Loki?-

Thor was more surprised than annoyed at the question, he sighed and decided he might as well tell them everything that had happened. Maybe between all of them they could come up with a solution to his dilema.

-Many things son of Stark, I have many things to tell though I am not sure where to start.-

-That doesn´t sounds good –Tony replied –Do you mind if we talk about it over some drinks –after catching a glimpse of everyone’s disapproving gestures he added -… and food. Come on, I can´t be the only one who´s starving!-

After they all agreed to take the conversation to the kitchen they were met with an unpleasant surprise that set them all on alert, a bloody trail that ended on a small puddle over the kitchen table, a broken glass and an untouched breakfast.

-What in Valhalla? – Thor shouted as he raised his hammer ready for an enemy attack

-Let´s not get ahead of ourselves – Tony said as he saw all of his friends taking defensive postures –Jarvis, did we get invaded and somehow you failed to inform me?-

-Of course not Sir – was the A.I. response

-All right, where´s Banner and Leah? – Tony asked

-Dr. Banner is currently at the medical ward and Mrs. Leah is in her room – Jarvis informed him

-Patch me through Banner Jarvis … umh, Bruce? Would you mind explaining me why my kitchen looks like a bad horror movie scene?-Tony joked

-Oh! Sorry about that, I thought I would have time to clean that up before you arrived, we had a “small incident” I´m on my way up, I´ll explain everything in a moment-Bruce told them

As he pated Thor´s shoulder Tony said to him to reassure him –See big guy, they´re both all right, they just had a “small incident”

-“Small incident”- Clint repeated taking a better look at the mess on the kitchen table –I wonder what Bruce calls a “big incident”-

-Believe me, you don´t want to know.- Tony answered.

They didn´t had to wait long for Bruce to appear, as he walked in Steve pointed out –You seem unharmed-

-Yes, luckily I am.-

-Luckily? – was Thor´s annoyed response, the blood had to be from Leah.

-Yes, if that blood had been mine, there might not be a kitchen to argue in. –Bruce explained – We would have a “big incident” to talk about.-

-See, told you! – Tony poked Clint with his elbow

-All right Bruce, we get your point. What happened?-Natasha asked

-It´s kind of a long story, though this mess is the least of our worries. We need to have a serious talk about Leah and his child. – Then he turned to face Thor and asked – Is it ok if I tell them about … this morning?-

After a small silence Thor conceded -Yes Doctor, I agree we need to discuss Leah´s situation, I also have a lot to tell you.-

-Loki, uh? – Bruce guessed

-Yes – was Thor plain response.

Bruce proceeded to narrate everything starting with Thor´s request to talk to Leah, when he got to her recollection of the fight Thor couldn’t had felt more awkward though he was reassured by a gentle hand squeeze from Natasha and the understanding looks of his teammates, seemed he wasn´t at all good hiding his feelings about her, none of them seemed surprised.

– … so I decided to clean up the medical ward first, I didn´t though you would be back so soon. I should´ve probably warned you about it before you arrived, I can only imagine what you must have thought- Banner apologized

-That someone had invaded us was our first thought.- Steve told him

-Or decided to make a snuff film on my kitchen – Tony joked – Loki and you had a talk Thor, how that went?-

Not at all as I thought it would- Thor confessed as he started to tell his own story, unaware to all of them was a lonesome figure that listened attentively to their words from behind the kitchen door. Leah hadn´t slept for long, the dull pain in her stomach had awoken her, she was on her way to find something to eat when she heard them talking, at first she refused to go in out of shame of the whole “small incident” as Banner called it but as she heard Thor start talking about Loki she froze. As she listened to Loki´s words on Thor´s lips she cried silent tears, he did loved her but he might as well hated her, he wouldn´t even talk to her; she was back to square one alone and pregnant.

– When Thor finished his recollection Bruce said to him on a serious tone –We are all she has then.-

-It would seem that way Doctor Banner. – Thor confirmed.

-I hate to be the one to say this but Leah is right, what are we supposed to do about her and her child – Tony interrupted. -We can´t just keep them locked in here for the rest of their lives, we are super-heroes, not super-nannies.-

-We can always send them to Asgard – Clint suggested

-I have already told you, Leah doesn´t want to go. – Thor reminded Clint

-We might not have a choice. – Natasha dryly told them

-You mean we should sent her there even against her will?-Banner incredulously asked

-If we have no choice, yes.-Natasha answered

There was a long silence, no one seemed to object the idea. Leah couldn´t believe what she was hearing and ran to her room as the argument continued in the kitchen.

-No, I do not agree.- Thor suddenly protested

-Me neither – Steve added- If we do such a thing we´ll only be proving her right.-

-About being our prisoner? – Bruce interrupted

-Yes – Steve answered – she made a valid point, she´s been trapped her since we got her out from SHIELD, to be honest I´m surprised she lasted this long without complaining about it.-

-Why should she complain?-Tony asked offended by Steve´s comment- My house is way better than a 5 star hotel, she should be grateful, I doubt SHIELD would’ve been that accommodating.-

-And I´m sure she is Tony – Bruce tried to calm him –But think about it, we all have the liberty to stay or go as we please, but we´ve taken that choice from her.-

-I do understand Bruce, if it were me who´s been locked in I would already tear this place apart, but are you really suggesting we take her out on a shopping spree? –Tony asked in disbelief

-Yes, that´s exactly what I´m suggesting.-Bruce answered determined to fulfill his promise.

-Maybe I could buy out a plaza and take her there- Tony suggested

-I don´t think that would work Tony, she needs to be out with the rest of the world, to feel normal even if it is just for a couple of hours. She´s barely starting to open up, do you realize today was the first time she even mention the accident where all her family died? I´m afraid she´ll clam up again if we don´t at least try to give this to her.-

-I really don´t think that´s a good idea.-Tony responded

-Maybe not – Steve interrupted – But it´s the right thing to do.-

-I´m getting sick and tired of we being the only ones that have to do the right thing all the time, why can´t Loki do the right thing this once?-Tony snapped

-Tony!- Natasha yelled at him infuriated while slightly nodding her head to point at Thor.

-I know, I know, I´m sorry. My bad.-Tony apologized

-You are right Stark.-Thor heavily agreed – None of us would be in this mess if it weren´t for Loki. I can´t make him do the right thing, but I will do what´s right for Leah.-

-So, will you tell her everything? – Bruce asked concerned

-Yes, I will, you were right not to keep things from her earlier, refraining to tell her anything of what Loki said would be as bad as lying. She needs to be able to trusts us, though I am worried about her reaction- Thor answered

-She´s stronger than you give her credit for Thor – Steve reassured him – You are doing the right thing, and who knows she might even change her mind about going to Asgard.-

-That takes care of one problem, though we still have another.- Clint reminded them

-How to get her out without any danger – Tony elaborated – Ok, let me think about it, I´m sure I can come up with a plan.-

Meanwhile Leah had arrived at her room, the prospect of being sent off to Asgard without her consent made her angry, and the knowledge she was alone haunted her.

-“Of course he won´t do anything”- Leah admonished herself mentally – You were nothing but a stupid child hoping he would come to your rescue once he found out, you still believe in knights in shining armour? Come on Leah, be serious!”-

She started pacing up and down her room trying to figure out what to do, suddenly she walked into her bedroom mirror, as she examined herself attentively she spoke – All right, you´d better be through with feeling pity for yourself, we have someone else to care about now, and we can´t let him down. You´d better get ready to rescue yourself out.-

She had decided, she would try to escape on the first chance she got. –“I´m not the first not the last woman to be on my position, alone and desperate. If hundreds, no millions of woman can survive being a single mum I will survive too. There´s no point on deluding myself I still love Loki, I still wish he would come and make everything all right, but I really don´t expect him to. I´m alone at this, and maybe that´s not such a bad thing, who says I need a man to be happy? I know that if I put my heart to it I will find out I´m much stronger that I give myself credit for.”

-I won´t let you down, I swear.- she said as she caressed her womb, it was staring to show. She would have to act soon before her pregnancy was too advanced to try anything.

Leah´s image faded on Loki´s skying pool, he had been watching her since she woke up, he cursed himself mentally for not thinking about it sooner when he saw her bandaged hands. He had been tempted to watch her many times but he somehow managed to convince himself against it, it served no point, he already had made up his mind about leaving, seeing her only made it more painful.

-Leah, Leah… what are you thinking? – He asked out loud, he had a bad feeling he couldn´t shake, she was acting to calmly, she was up to something. – Why do I have the feeling you´re going to do something foolish?-