-“Something foolish … like what I did when I stayed with her”.- Loki admonished himself mentally. He had decided to leave her alone, to forget about her, that until Thor told him she was with child, with his child.

-I can´t be a father!- Loki stated out loud as he started to rant against the idea on his mind.

–“Did she really though I would settle down, get a white picket fence house, drive a mini-van? Who does she mistakes me for? I´m Loki of Asgard, I´m the God of Mischief, I am not father material!

Then why do I want to go to her more than anything? Why do I long to place my hand over her womb?

No, no, no, you´re being a sentimental fool again, that´s what got us into this mess in the first place.

But … a child, her child, my child, our child”-

Loki sighed obviously tore – I wonder if it´s a boy or a girl?-

-“Why do you care? It´s not like you´re going to be at his or her side, watching as he grows. I´m not going to be there when she takes her first steps, or when he speaks his first words, I´m not going to be there on sleepless nights caring for her illness, or standing beside him on his wedding day. I will be nothing but a shadow.

Will she even tell her I´m his father? Will Leah learn to hate me? Will she feed him venom against me? No she wouldn´t, she´s better than that. She´s better than me, better and at the same time so alike, that´s the problem.

I don´t think she´ll fancy being a super-villain…. companion, there you see you can´t even say the words, the best you can do for her and your child is to stay away.

But I can´t just abandon her, all I wanted was to get her off harms ‘way and I ended doing just the opposite. SHIELD is on to her, not even Thor and his friends can protect her all the time.

What have I done? “-

Loki rested his head between his hands in deep contemplation, he was a super-villain, he wanted power more than anything … when had he forgotten about that? Why did that small being growing inside Leah matter so much? He might had consider a family once, long ago when he was young, but along the way he buried the idea along with so many other things. Why did it had to happen now? Now that he didn´t wanted it, nor searched for it. Was he lying to himself? Did he really didn´t wanted that? Why had he kept visiting Leah all those months? After all, it was bound to happen sooner or later, why didn´t it happened sooner?

-“I can’t be with her but I can´t desert her neither”- He finally agreed, he cared too much to do that. –“I can guard her, I can make sure no one hurts her or our child.”-

-I´m going to be a father! – Loki laughed out loud for a moment, until the whole weight of his current predicament crushed his heart and drove him to tears.

Unknown to everyone remained the fact that Doom had already found out about Leah and his child, Loki and him may as well be occasional allies, but that was the full extent of their bond, they didn´t trusted each other and with full reason, they were both powerful mages who wanted the same thing…. power.

-Interesting! – Doom said as soon as the Doombot finished playing the recording of Thor and Loki´s conversation – It was a smart thing trying to prevent this conversation to fall into the wrong ears Loki, too bad you failed.- he laughed, that child was the perfect weapon against Loki, even more if by any chance the baby inherited his father´s abilities he or she would make a perfect apprentice.

-“There´s no need to hurry.”- Doom thought –“Let´s leave the Avengers to do all the hard work, once the child is born, then we´ll attack.”-