It was around noon when Leah finally decided to walk into the kitchen, she wasn´t expecting a warm welcome but she wasn´t prepared for the ice-cold reception the guys gave her, Thor and Bruce practically bolted out of the room without even acknowledging her presence. Tony gave a hurried excuse about having to check some lab results and Clint said he needed to train. The only one who didn´t left was Steve who remained sitting at a stool at the kitchen bar.

As Leah sat next to him she said –They hate me!- with that she sank her head between her arms all the way down the table.

Steve smiled sympathetically –No, they don´t. Just give them some time-

-No Steve, they really do hate me – Leah answered looking back at him.

Steve sighed –No, they are just angry. They care about you, that’s why they are so angry at you.-

-Why aren´t you? – Leah asked intrigued

-I´m angry, but not at you. We tried to keep you safe but we failed to give you what you needed the most, hope.-

-So, you understand- Leah asked hopefully

-Steve laid his hand on her shoulder as he smiles –I do, and they will too eventually, you just have to be patient.-

-It doesn´t seem I can do anything else –Leah confessed- Um, Steve?-

-Yes?- Steve asked raising his eyebrows

-I´m sorry, you got to believe me, I never wanted to hurt any of you-Leah´s eyes glistered with unshed tears she was trying really hard not to shed.

-I forgive you, we all do foolish things when it comes to our loved ones.- Steve reassured her then changed the subject –Have you thought any names for your baby ?-

Leah was surprised by his question –No, I really hadn´t thought about it. Any suggestions?-

-Not really, but I can help you come up with some ideas.-he volunteered

-I would really love that Steve, since you and Natasha seem to be the only one´s talking to me I´m afraid you are stuck with me for a while.-

Steve laughed –I can think of worst things that being stuck with you- then added –Don´t be so hard on yourself, you did what you thought was the best for your child. Although it wasn´t a very good plan.-

-Tell me about it.-Leah answered with a sigh.

The rest of the week went on practically on the same fashion, Leah tried to keep herself occupied with Natasha and Steve who had joined in her training, he wanted to make sure she wouldn´t overdo it.

-It´s not a good idea for you to get hurt, especially when our Doctor refuses to speak to you.- he plainly told her one day.

Clint joined in her training the following week, Natasha had finally convinced him to give Leah another chance.

He acted as if nothing had happened which made Leah feel nervous, so she seized the first opportunity she got to speak to him alone.

-Clint? I … – she started saying

-Don´t- Clint interrupted her

-But … – Leah tried to interrupt him

-It’s not necessary.-He added

-But I think it is. And it will make me feel better – she pleaded

Clint sighed –All right. Go on.-

-I´m sorry I lied to all of you, I´m sorry I escaped and made everyone worry, but most of all I´m sorry I hurt our friendship. I just hope you can forgive me someday.-She told him apologetically as she nervously fidgeted with her fingers.

Clint looked at her sympathetically, she looked as contrite as a scholar who has been caught red handed, he placed a hand on her shoulder as he lean to look into her eyes –I won´t lie to you, I´m still angry. And I might be angry at you for a while, but I do forgive you.-

-Really? – Leah asked in hope.

-Really – Clint answered her –But I´m upholding you to the promise you made Natasha-

-About not escaping again? – Leah inquired

-Yes. – He answered

-Don´t worry, I´ve learned my lesson. I won´t do it again, I promise. – Leah assured him

-We´ll see about that. Now how about you show me what you can do with a bow?- Clint said as he handed her his bow.

Another week went by with no change about the behavior of the rest of the team. Leah´s training had moved on from self-defense to target practice.

-As your pregnancy advances, we´ll have to stick to more theoretical training.-Natasha had told her.

Trying to keep herself occupied wasn´t helping her anymore, so one day she just decided to show up at Tony´s lab, if he wanted to yell at her at least it would be an improvement.

Both Tony and Bruce were at the lab working when she got there, as usually Bruce bolted out of there when he noticed her.

-You just scared out my assistant.-Tony complained still working in some sort of mechanism.

-I didn’t meant to. I just wanted to talk.- Leah apologized

-We don’t have anything to talk about. – Tony icily told her

-Come on Tony, you haven´t talked to me for two weeks now, at least hear me out.-Leah pleaded.

-Why?-Tony buffed –How can I know you´re not lying to me again? You could even by under Loki´s mind control.-

-Then test me.-Leah volunteered – I´m sure you already invented something you can use to tell if I’m saying the truth.-

Tony raised his eyebrows as he kept pensive –As a matter of fact I did.-

Leah sighed relieved, at least he was talking to her, then he directed her to a strange looking examining table.

-This will tell me if you´re under anyone´s influence, hop in.-

Leah looked at him worryingly, then back at the table.

-I assure you it´s quite safe –Tony told her noticing her reticence to get up.

-The things you make me do- Leah sighed as she got up.

Tony activated the device that made a scan of Leah, as it finished he told her –All right, congratulations you are brain wash free!-

-Told you – Leah said with a smile.

-But that doesn´t clear you from willingly working with someone, but this will.-Without any warning Tony punctured her neck with a needle.

-Hey! – Leah protested as she protectively rubbed the spot where the needle had entered.

-Now al we need is to plug you to the polygraph and make some base questions-Tony said without minding Leah´s surprised and annoyed look.

-“Calm down Leah! You are here to make amends, not to start another fight.-“ She reminded herself mentally.

-All set, let´s get started!- Tony said in an almost happy tone.- Yes and no answers please. Your name is Leah?-

-Yes. – Leah answered annoyed

-No attitude – Tony scolded her –Again, your name is Leah?-

-Yes.-Leah said trying to sound normal

-Are you pregnant? – Tony asked her

-Yes – she answered.

-All right, now lie to me. Are your eyes green?-

Yes.- Leah lied

-Do you find me attractive? – Tony smirked as he asked her

-No – Leah answered with a scowl

-Lier- Tony told her smiling –Now, do you have a hidden agenda? – He said in a more serious tone.

-I don´t even know what that means – Leah complained.

-All right, are you working with a supervillain? – Tony rephrased

-No, Leah said seriously

-Have you ever worked with a supervillain?-

No- she answered

-Are you working with an evil organization? – Tony asked again

-No- she answered pouting

-Did you planned your escape alone? – Tony asked looking at her sternly

-Yes. – Leah answered

-Did you knew Loki was following you that day?- Tony asked

-No. – Leah answered annoyed

-Did you had sex with Loki? – Tony asked bluntly

-Are you serious? – Leah asked surprised by the question then pointed to her belly –What do you think? –

-Point taken, ok, did you had sex with Loki the day you ran away?-

Leah looked at him incredulous

-Answer the question please –Tony dryly told her

-Yes – Leah answered clenching her jaw

-Did you enjoyed it? – Tony asked without any second thoughts

-I don’t see how that´s of your concern –Leah answered irritated.

-I´m just trying to figure out if you would sold your friends for a good shag-Tony angrily answered back.

Leah´s face grew red with anger and embarrassment, suddenly she yanked the devices Tony had attached to her and got off the examination table as she shouted at Tony –I had it with you and your games! If you don’t want to believe me, then don´t- then she stormed out of the lab.

She was so angry she didn´t even noticed Bruce on the hallway.

As he walked in the lab he asked Tony- What just happened? I´ve never seen Leah so angry before, she didn´t even noticed me on the hall.-

-I might have insulted her – Tony said scratching his head

-Well, I´m pretty sure you did! – Bruce informed him

-Damn! – Tony exclaimed –That´s why I didn´t wanted to talk to her, I´m not good at this sort of thing.-

-You mean personal relations?-Bruce asked

-Whatever you want to call them –Tony answered –I screwed up.-

-That´s an understatement- Bruce told him

-Hey! You are not doing it any better Mr. I disappear if she walks in. – Tony buffed

-I… have anger management issues.-Bruce said twitching his lips.

-Seriously? You would go Hulk on her?-Tony asked in disbelief

-I don´t know, but I didn´t wanted to risk it. – Bruce confessed.

-Maybe we should give her a break –Tony said looking Bruce in the eye- We both know we can´t keep ignoring her forever, especially now.-

-I know – Bruce acknowledged –We should really be monitoring her pregnancy closely. We have no idea if there could be complications.-

-So, should we give her the good news?-Tony smirked

-Maybe tomorrow. – Bruce answered doubtful

-All right, suit yourself! –Tony told him walking away.

-Where are you going?-Bruce asked

-I owe a lady an apology – Tony explained –And I don´t like to owe anyone anything.-

It was late in the evening when someone knocked on Leah´s doo.

“-Who can be at this hour?-“ Leah asked herself as she went to the door.

-Hi!- Tony greeted her as he stopped with his foot the door Leah tried to slam on him.

-What do you want?- She angrily asked him

-To talk, apologize. – He answered smiling – I bring peace offerings – He lifted a beer bottle and a pizza box

-You know I can´t drink that.- Leah answered with a frown

-That´s why I brought you this one, alcohol free.- He showed her another bottle.

-All right – Leah answered letting him through – But I´m afraid you didn´t added a table to these rooms.-

-No problem. We can have a picnic in your bed.- Tony smirked

Leah was near laughter, so she bit her lower lip trying to stop herself from smiling as she answered –Only if you promise to behave.-

-I promise I will be a perfect gentleman.- Tony answered

She had missed talking to him, after all the rest of the team had more serious personalities.

-Sop what you been up to?- Tony asked taking his first bite

-Training mostly.- Leah answered –I´m not overly popular at the moment you know.-

-I think we can change that- Tony answered her

-I would like that –Leah said smiling

-And how´s training coming along?- Tony asked

-Clint says I´m improving, though I think I´m better with a handgun than a bow.- Leah answered him as she took another bite of pizza.

-I´ll take that in consideration the next time I piss you off- Tony joked

-You know I wouldn´t hurt you, at least not on purpose.-Leah answered offended

-I know – Tony apologized –An I´m sorry I was so mean to you earlier.-

-It´s all right – Leah sighed as she shrugged her shoulders –You were angry at me and with just reason.-

-No, it’s not all right- Tony told her –And I´m not angry at you anymore. I forgive you.-

-Really? – Leah asked with a smile

-Yes, I´m magnanimous that way.-Tony said taking a sip of his beer.-Now that we are picking up where we were, what´s keeping you awake at nights?- he asked in a serious tone.

Leah blushed –Is that obvious? – She asked.

-Yeaph! You can blame it on the dark patches around your eyes, they gave you away.- Tony answered looking at her.

-You´ll think is silly –Leah told him

-If it’s keeping you awake I don´t think it´s silly.- Tony reasoned

-I … I´ve been having nightmares –Leah confessed ashamed

-Really? – Tony asked intrigued –What off?-

-Waking up in strange places, Asgard, SHIELD, prison.- Leah answered a bit distraught.

-Man! He really messed with your head.- Tony exclaimed

-I know – Leah sighed –Asgardian and earth men are alike, they can be real dicks when they want to.-

-Hey! I thought we were cool! –Tony protested

-You practically called me a slut. Now we are even.- Leah smiled at him.

-All right. Point taken –Tony smiled her back –Do you want to watch a movie?-

-But you didn´t installed a TV in here –Leah told him unwilling to take the party elsewhere.

-Who need a tV? –Tony asked –Jarvis, pull through an image of … what do you want to see?- he asked Leah

-Umm, the Princess Bride?-Leah asked taken by surprise

-No, we are not watching a girl’s movie- Tony pouted.

-It´s not a girl´s movie –Leah protested –It has fighting in ti too.-

-Yeah, yeah, no. Jarvis put Artificial Intelligence- Tony told the A.I.

-And that´s not a girl´s movie?- Leah asked laughing

-It´s not, it has science on it. Besides Jarvis likes it, isn´t it right? – Tony asked the A.I.

-Of course Sir.- Jarvis answered.

-You see? Two against one, we win.- Tony smirked

-All right, suit yourself –Leah agreed.

-Come here girl, you look like you need a hug –Tony offered Leah who gladly agreed and got cozy next to him as the movie started.

About a half an hour later Tony turned as he said to Leah –You see, that´s 100% science… -Only then he noticed she had fallen asleep a long time ago.

-Sleep tight kiddo.- He said with a smile as he kissed her head- Jarvis?-

-Yes, sir?-the A.I. answered

-Put up the Princess Bride –Tony told him

-Certainly Sir.-

It as late in the morning when Leah awoke, surprised to find Tony asleep by her side, then she noticed she has slept all through the night without any nightmares, she smiled to herself as she kissed Tony´s cheek and whispered –Thank you.-

-You are welcome – Tony answered as he opened his eyes.

-I thought you were asleep.-Leah said blushing

-No, I just didn´t wanted to wake you up. You seemed so peaceful.-Tony answered as he stretched –I think I´m going to have to but you a life size teddy bear?-

Leah raised her eyebrows as she asked –Why?-

-As pleasant as this was, I have no intention of pissing of any Norse gods- He jokingly answered

Leah blushed bright red as she tried to think an answer.

-I´m just messing with you –Tony said as he winked an eye at her –I know you are taken.-

-Then I´ll accept the teddy bear –Leah answered still flustered

-How about breakfast? I´m famished!- Tony asked her

-Breakfast sounds great. Just let me take a shower and I´ll meet you in tyeh kitchen –Leah answered as she started to get up.

-Do you need any help?-Tony asked while looking at her, her movements were becoming slow due to her growing belly.

-Not yet, ask me again a month.-Leah jokingly told him aware of his concern look.

-All right. I might take a shower myself. I don´t think we need anyone asking why I´m wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday- Tony joked back.

-No, we certainly don´t. – Leah giggled as she walked into the bathroom.

Tony grabbed the empty bottles and pizza box and walked out of her room just as Thor walked by.

“-Fuck!-“ Tony cursed mentally when he looked at Thor´s confused glare –We were just patching up-Tony quickly told Thor.

-It´s not of my business. – Thor angrily replied as he walked away.

“-At least I didn´t got squashed.-“ Tony told himself as he walked to his room.

About an hour later Tony and Leah were at the kitchen talking animatedly.

-So, you are finally talking? – Natasha said as she walked in.

-Yes, we are.-Tony answered –I couldn´t keep being angry at her when she´s the only fun person to talk to.-

Leah blushed as she scolded Tony –That’s so mean!”-

-Don´t worry, I´m used to his sour sense of humor.-Natasha told her smirking –You look rested!-

-I slept better –Leah shyly answered which caused Tony to smile as he plucked a huge teddy bear from behind a counter.

-Oh god! You didn´t- Leah said laughing

-Yes, I did. Here, I present to you your new bed partner …Teddy.- with that he handed the bear to Leah who hugged it happily.

Natasha looked at the scene intrigues –Why do I have the feeling I´m missing something?-

-Nothing important, I assure you.-Tony told her with a smile.

Later in the afternoon Leah was on the library studying a book Natasha had given her when Bruce walked in, Leah was too surprised to move when he just went directly to her and gave her a strong hug.

-Don´t ever do something like that again.-Bruce said to her

-I won´t – Leah answered near tears –I promise, I´m sorry.-

-Shh, I know. I forgive you.-Bruce comforted her.

-Thank you –Leah said holding him tight.