Another week had gone by, all of the Avengers were now talking to Leah again except for Thor. Leah just sighed in frustration every time he took off whenever they crossed paths.

-Keeping tabs with a flying god while pregnant it´s just impossible-she had complained to Tony at some point.

Then one morning Leah woke up feeling a dampness in her sheets, as she drowsily uncovered herself to find the source of the humidity she was horrified to discover there was blood on her clothes and bedsheets.

-No! – She whispered trembling, it took her a great effort to find her voice and desperately called for Jarvis –Jarvis …. I … I need help.-

The A.I. read her vitals and gave the alarm to all the inhabitants of the tower, Steve was already up training and therefore he was the first to arrive at Leah´s room. She was in shock, trembling visibly as tears ran though her cheeks, rocking herself as she mumbled –Not again, not again.-

Steve gasped as he saw the blood covering her and swiftly picked her up and ran to the medical ward carrying Leah in his arms as he called for Banner and Tony to meet him there.

Natasha and Clint arrived almost at the same time at Leah´s empty room only a couple minutes afterwards and also gasped in horror as they saw the bloody bed realizing what just happened.

-Bruce, are you with her, is she ok?-Natasha asked in the comlink as both her and Clint rushed to the medical ward.

-Yes, I don´t know Natasha, I´m busy right now.-Bruce cut her off sharply.

-Clint, if she loses this baby … -Natasha nervously stated as she stopped walking.

-We don´t know if she has. – Clint stopped and hold her – We need to have faith, Bruce and Tony are with her now, if someone can save her baby is them.-

-But if she does …-Natasha insisted – I don´t think she´ll be able to pull through this time.-

Suddenly another figure caught up with them, it was Thor; it had taken him a while to woke up, when he finally did and asked Jarvis for the source of the commotion he had been distraught to hear about Leah´s condition.

-Is she all right?- he asked as he meet them, their worried looks made him fear for the worst

-We don´t know Thor.- Clint answered –Bruce and Tony are with her right now, we´ll have to wait until they tell us something.-

-I´ve been so angry at her …. if something happens to her …I don´t know what I´ll do.-He told them in anguish

-You should´ve though of that sooner Thor!- Natasha yelled at him furious

-Come on guys! This is not the time to start a fight – Clint said as he stepped between them. – Nothing has happened yet, why don´t we all go to the medical ward and wait there for news.-

-All right.-Natasha growled through clenched teeth

Thor just nodded his head and followed them.

When they arrived there was no one in the waiting room.

-We´d better stay here until someone comes out –Clint suggested – They don´t need us distracting them right now.-

After a good fifteen minutes Steve walked out with his right arm bended upwards, blood stains over his clothes and arms, a very concern look on his face.

-How is she?- Natasha asked worryingly

-We just gave her a blood transfusion –Steve answered in a stern tone

-Are you seriously telling us you gave her your blood? –Clint asked as he nervously brought his hand through his hair. –You don´t know what it could do to her, to them.-

-I know. – Steve answered with a displeased sight.-We ran out of options, Leah has a rare blood type, I´m universal, she was going into shock, we didn’t had time to do anything else.-

-Did it worked? – Thor asked him in earnest.

-I think so, Bruce and Tony are with her right now, they managed to stop the bleeding, all we can do now is wait.-Steve told them – And pray there are no side effects.-

-What do you mean by side effects? – Thor asked worryingly.

-Hydra made lots of experiments with the super soldier serum, most of them unsuccessful and with awful side effects – Natasha informed them. – But they were working with their own version of the formula, nothing like this has ever been done before, especially with a pregnant woman.-

Clint placed his hand on Steve´s shoulder as he said –You did what you though was the best for her Steve, I´m sure Bruce and Tony wouldn´t even considered it if they had an alternative.-

-Why don´t you go change? – Natasha suggested looking at Steve´s bloody clothes –If anything happens we´ll call you.-

Steve took a look at his clothes and agreed –Thank you, I´ll be right back.- as he stepped out in a hurry.

Steve had already returned by the time Tony finally walked into the waiting room.

-They are out of danger for now.-he told them before anyone could asking anything

-What do you mean with for now? – Natasha asked him concerned

-The next hours are critical – he answered in a serious tone – We programmed the nanobots to repair the damage both to the placenta and her uterus, but they were never programmed for this sort of procedure and her bay is only 22 weeks old, she´s too young to be born.-

-She? – They all asked at unison.

-Oh yes- Tony smiled as he realized what he had just said – Leah is expecting a baby girl.-

-Can we see her? – Thor asked anxiously.

-She´s sedated right now, and we think it is better for them to keep her that way until the danger has passed. You´ll be able to talk to her tomorrow.- Tony answered, as he noticed Thor anguished look he added –But you can see her if you want.-

-I … thank you. – Thor said as he nodded in agreement.

-You can all come –Tony said looking back at everyone –But you´ll have to stay outside the operating room.-

-All right. – Steve answered for all of them –Lead the way Tony.-

Bruce was still inside the operating room monitoring the nanobots progress and adjusting their program as needed, Leah was lying in the operating table unconscious, she still had her bloody nightgown on.

-She looks so pale. – Natasha was the first to speak after a long silence.

-Well, she lost a lot of blood –Tony informed them.-I imagine Steve has already told you we gave her a transfusion.-

-Yes, he did.- Clint answered him –Did you considered the possible side effects? –

-Of course we did. Right now we were hoping for an accelerated healing factor –Tony confessed.

-And? – Natasha asked curiously

Tony sighed –Nothing yet, but maybe it´s too early to tell. For the moment the transfusion kept her alive and the nanobots are healing the damage. Both her and her baby are stable – then he suddenly turned to Thor as he said –I´m surprised to see tou here Point Break, I though you weren´t taking to her.-

-Tony!- Both Natasha and Steve scolded him.

-What?-Tony complained – I´m just addressing the huge elephant in the room, now we can talk about it and move on.-

-Tony, that´s …- Steve started to say when Thor interrupted him.

-No, he is right. I allowed my anger to get the best of me, it shouldn’t had come to this to make me realize I was wrong –Thor confessed while looking still at Leah – I just hope I can apologize to her.-

-You will big guy.-Tony reassured him patting his back.

-Is there anything we can do? – Clint asked changing the subject.

-Not for now, but we can always take turns watching her one she´s in the recuperation room. – Tony offered.

-That won´t be necessary –Thor said to them. – I´ll stay with her until she´s awake.-

-I had a feeling you were going to say that.-Tony told him.

About an hour later Leah was moved to a recuperation room in a clean hospital gown, al the blood that covered had been washed, she looked peaceful.

As he had promised Thor was by her side the moment they brought her in, the rest of the day went uneventful, from time to time someone would walk in and spent some minutes with Thor. Steve offered to relieve him at some point during the night but Thor wouldn´t hear of it.

When the new day break dawn, the first sun rays snapped Thor out of his thoughts, as he raised from his chair he walked over to Leah.

-I am so sorry – he whispered – I should not have been so hard on you, I should have been the first to forgive you, not the last. I was not only angry at you for deceiving us and escaping, I am ashamed to say I was jelous … jelous of you and Loki, of the fact that you would go anywhere with him if he asked you. I realise now it was wrong of me, you have never lied to me about your feelings, and I should have already learned to be your friend. If you still have me I want to be your friend and help you protect your baby in the manner you best think fit.-

-So that´s what it takes to make you talk to me again.-Leah´s voice sounded fatigue.

-You are awake!-Thor raised his gaze and was meet by Leah looking back at him.

-Yes, you talk too loud. – Leah joked as she tried to move.

-No, Leah, stay still. Banner told me that you should stay in bed for a week at least.-Thor told her as he placed his hand on her shoulder preventing her of getting up.

-And you really should follow doctor´s orders after all the hard work we went through to make sure you were all right.-Tony motioned her as he walked in –How are you feeling?-

-Like a train hit me.-Leah complained –Are we really ok? – She asked as her eyes pleaded for good news.

-Yes, both of you girls seem to be out of danger, we just want to make sure you stay that way.-Tony explained.

-Girls? – Leah asked raising her eyebrows as she smiled.

-Am I terrible at keeping secrets? – He smirked –Congratulations, it´ a baby girl!-

-A girl! – Leah repeated delighted with the news.

-Can we come in, or it´s a private party?-Clint said as the rest of the team arrived, they had resigned to sleep, they were too worried and had been with Bruce in the kitchen when Jarvis reported to him that Leah had woken up.

-Hi! – Leah greeted them smiling.

After all the hugs, questions and congratulations Leah noticed a closed red rose button in a vase in the night stand next to her bed.

-You really didn´t needed to bring me flowers Thor –She said certain he had been the one who had placed it there.

-Flowers? – Thor asked in return as he turned to look in the same direction Leah was looking –I didn´t bring you that rose Leah.-

Leah looked confused the asked – Tony?-

-Baby, if I´d brought you flowers you would have hundreds of them, not just one.-he jokingly answered.

-It wasn’t me –Bruce answered Leah´s questioning look.

-I´m not a flower kind of guy. – Clint said before Leah turned her gaze to him.

-I didn´t brought it neither.-Natasha said looking worryingly at the rose.

-Then who?-Tony asked, a concern look on his face.

Leah was afraid to even suggest what her heart was telling her.

-Thor, can I see the rose please? – Leah asked as she raised her trembling hand.

-Um, yes, of course.-Thor said as he took the flower off the vase and offered it to Leah.

As soon as the rose touched her skin it emitted a faint glow as it bloomed completely and flooded the room with its delicate fragrance.

Leah gasped in surprise as the rose bloomed in her hand, she could hear her heart beating in her ears like a drum, there was only one person who could´ve sent her that rose, Loki.