Tony hadn´t found a way yet to monitor Loki´s entrances, but he could pinpoint them from the appearances of the roses, so talking as if he were listening was Thor´s only plan, he had to talk to Loki once more.

As Jarvis quietly indicated Thor the rose had appeared he spoke up –She´s unwell brother, we need to talk. Meet me on the rooftop of the building where we talked last, it´s important.- Thor stayed for a couple of more minutes looking at Leah with concern, fortunately the fever hadn´t gone up, it seemed to be maintaining, before he left he called for Tony who was examining more samples to take his place.

– Are you sure of this Thor?-he asked as he arrived to Leah´s room.

-As you said, they both seem to be miserable without the other, I need to give it another try, for both their sakes.-Thor bluntly responded.

It wasn´t long before Thor arrived to the rooftop of the building surrounding Central Park, hidden in the shadows was Loki, who had been there for a while now, he looked ill even at the pale moonlight, dark patches around his eyes, he even looked thinner.

-What´s wrong with her? – Loki spoke first without turning around

-I understand you saw her on the operating table, did you witness the transfusion?-Thor asked him

-Transfusion? No, what do you mean? – Loki looked back worryingly.

-I should explain this to you from the beginning then, she had a tear in her uterus, she lost a lot of blood, normally we have blood reserves for the inhabitants of the Tower, but …- Thor began his explanation.

-She´s not a normal inhabitant.-Loki interrupted him.

-No, she is not, it never occurred to any pf us to have a blood supply for her, and she has a rare blood type AB-, none of us were a compatible match except for the Captain.-Thor continued

-The soldier? – Loki looked concerned.

-Yes, what do you know of the super soldier serum?- Thor asked Loki

-Enough to know is not to be played with. – Loki dryly answered

-They had to do something, she was dying, there was no other choice. For a while she seemed to be all right that somehow his blood only had help her keep alive without any side effects, that until this morning. You didn´t scried for her today?-Thor asked hoping he wouldn´t have to explain everything to Loki

-Sadly no, even a simple spell like that is difficult for me at this moment.-Loki looked down as he sighed

-Her transformation triggered, the Captain recollection of it is in his words as excruciating painful, but in his case it only lasted a couple of minutes, her change is too slow but it seems equally painful.-he added with a grim look in his face.

-What?-Loki paled at his words –You mean she´s in pain right now? Can´t you do something to help her?-

-She was sedated the moment it started, Dr. Banner explained to me that her body is in pain, but her mind is not around to register it, and we´ll keep her that way until the change is finished.-Thor explained

-So, that´s why she looks so agitated, I thought it was because of the fever she obviously has.-Loki reasoned sadly.

-No, that is just another manifestation of the transformation.-Thor added

-How long will it take?-Loki asked in earnest

-According to the test they´ve made tomorrow morning probably.-Thor said hopefully

Loki sighed in relief, morning wasn´t too far away now, then he told Thor –I´m sure you didn´t asked me to talk just to tell me this.-

-No, I didn´t … she was writing you another letter when … it happened.-Thor offered Loki a folded piece of paper.

Loki couldn´t grab it or unfold it fast enough, as he started to read it he couldn´t help to smile –She´s too smart for her own good.-he said mostly to himself, unshed tears glistered in his eyes as he kept reading, at some point he had to dry them with his sleeve, once he finished he said to Thor as he hold the letter close to his heart.-Thank you.-

-You are welcome brother.-Thor placed his hand on the younger man shoulder, he didn´t had to imagine much how Loki felt. Suddenly he asked –What are you going to do?-

-I don´t know, what can I do? I´ve been thinking this over and over, I hoped she graciously accepted my offer to do the honorable thing, but she didn´t. I don´t understand why. – Loki admitted

-I didn´t either at first, then Stark told me that doing the honorable thing and doing the right thing isn’t always the same thing.-Thor explained

Loki looked puzzled at him, noticing this Thor added. – She knows there isn´t a way, but she´s not giving up on you, what she wants is for you to do the same thing.

Loki ran his hands through his hair as he sat nodding his head in a negative way.-There is no way, I’ve though this over and over and I can´t find one.-

-Why? Haven´t you considered turning away from this evil path for her?- Thor asked as if the answer was as simple as that.

Loki looked at him infuriated.-Of course I have! Tell me if I surrendered myself to Odin or SHIELD what do you think would happen? That they´ll just forgive me without any trials or consequences? Best case scenario they´ll condemn me to prison for the norns know how long. What is a brink of an eye for us would be an eternity for her, I strongly doubt they would allow us to see each other again. If that happened I know for sure her heart would break as mine would.-

Thor looked inquisitively at Loki, he didn´t thought of that, risking his brother’s rage he asked again.- What if you didn´t surrender yourself to the, what if you joi8ned us?-

-You mean become an Avenger?-Loki spat amused –Like they would treat me any different than Odin or SHIELD would. Have you forgotten I´ve tried to kill them on many occasions? Do you really think they will be that forgiven?-

-I would forgive you. – Thor volunteered.

-It doesn´t count, you are my brother. And even I don´t get why you are always so eager to forgive me.-Loki confessed.

-Because no matter what you do, I know somewhere beneath it all must be the brother I grew up with, and I loved him deeply.-Thor answered.

-As I said it doesn´t count.-Loki pouted.

-All right! Then ran of with her to the other side of the Galaxy! – Thor answered annoyed

-With all the enemies I have made, it would be only a matter of time before someone found us, should I be defeated they would be alone, stranded millions of light years away with no means to get in touch with you. That assuming that whoever defeated me left them alive. She´s safer in [Earth, if anything happens she can count on you and the other Avengers to help her.-Loki reasoned equally annoyed.

Thor´s heart hurt, he was out of ideas.-So you are just going to give up? – He asked irritated.

-No.- Loki yelled back offended –As she said I can´t let her go any more than she can, but that doesn’t help either of us. We are at an impasse.-Loki sadly admitted –And running out of time.-

-What do you mean? – Thor inquired.

Loki sighed, why he had told Thor that, probably because he wanted to tell Leah, but he wasn´t sure he could or even should. –Our baby is due in three months and a half, do you really think SHIELD isn´t going to try something when she is born? I would if I were on their place.-

Thor looked at him surprised –They wouldn´t!-

-Do you really think so? – Loki asked intrigued –They may claim to be the good guys, but they don’t always act as one. The stories I could tell you wouldn´t let you sleep at night.-

Thor´s dark expression told Loki differently – So you do have heard the stories.-he corrected himself.

-Only rumors.-Thor acknowledge

-Your friends play with their own set of rules, which isn’t bad if you are a villain, but if you are a good guy.-Loki gestured disapprovingly. –I´d love to stay and chat but I´m exhausted Thor.-Loki said in a weary voice.

-Are you all right Loki? – He knew very well he wasn´t.

-You would look this good too if you had travelled through the branches of Yggdrasil 5 days in a roll.-Loki answered with a fake smile.-Would you give her a message for me? – His smile changed to a sad one –Tell her that I´m sorry but tomorrow is going to be the last rose, I can´t keep this up any longer. I’ll write her back tomorrow too. Take care of her for me, will you Thor? – Loki pleaded.

-Always Loki.-Thor said to him as he nodded his head affirmatively.

Loki thanked Thor with a small bow as he teleported himself to his hide out.

He dropped to his bead with a heavy heart, the image of Leah soaked in sweat as she thought the pain haunted him. –Now SHIELD will have one more reason to get a hold of her.-he thought to himself, he had to come up with a plan, she was counting on him, and this time he wasn´t going to let her down.