-Dr. Banner Mrs. Leah temperature has dropped below 37°C – Jarvis reported to an occupied Bruce.

-Finally!-Bruce sighed with relief as he removed his glasses and rested his head back for a moment before getting up and walking over her room.

Steve was there watching over her, it was morning again when Bruce walked in with made Steve stand up alarmed, there hadn´t been good news so far –Is something wrong?- he asked worryingly.

-No. – Bruce smiled to reassure him. – In fact she´s getting better, her fever has ceased, I think we can hook her off from the sedatives, with her new metabolism rates she should wake within the hour.-

-Are you sure? – Steve asked nervously.

-Yes I am, look at her, she´s not stirring any more, she even looks peaceful.-Bruce said as he removed a lose strand of her from Leah´s face.

-Thank god!-Steve sighed relief then he suddenly added –I don´t think she looks any taller.-

-You are right, I don´t think the changes are so obvious in her, and after all the serum works differently on every subject. Will just have to wait and see what her new abilities are.-Bruce reasoned.

-What are we going to tell her?-Steve askes concern written all over his face.

-The truth.-Bruce answered –That we choose not to tell her because we didn´t wanted her to worry over nothing.-

-It didn´t turned out to be nothing.-Steve commented.

-We had no way of knowing that.-Bruce admitted –Her transformation took so long to trigger it caught us off guard.-

-You are right.-Steve agreed.

-Don´t worry guys! Maybe she´ll end up liking the idea! You know super powers, who wouldn´t want those? – Tony told them as he walked in. –What?! You never know …-Tony snapped at Bruce and Steve’s surprised faces.- She wanted to be able to protect her daughter, and now she just might be able to.-

-Let´s just hope for no side effects.-Steve dryly told them.

-I think we can rule those out.-Bruce said to them. –I´ve just finished comparing her last DNA results to yours and other test subjects who have had side effects, except for some minor differences yours and hers seem to be identical.-

-Minor differences?-Steve asked intrigued

-There always be differences between DNA samples, but I don´t see anything significate, mainly genes for race, height, sex, color of eyes, etc. Stop worrying, she´ll be fine.-Bruce kept trying to appease Steve´s mind, then he changed the subject as he noticed someone missing –Where´s Thor?-

-He went for a walk.-Tony told them at their incredulous looks he confessed –Actually I had to ask him to go for a walk. He was driving me crazy. Should I call him back?-

-Just tell him Leah will be fine and probably will be awake within an hour that should make him happy.-Bruce suggested

-And less annoying.-Tony said with a smirk as he walked out.

-Have you communicated with Clint and Natasha?- Bruce asked Steve

No.-he answered –I´ll get them onto speed once they get back from their mission with SHIELD.-

-You are worried of Fury´s reaction if he happened to find out?-Bruce asked again

-Truthfully yes. Fury already wanted her badly before, can you imagine what would happen if he found out she´s a super soldier now?-Steve admitted with a grim face.

-He´d probably try to recruit her.-Bruce suggested.

-Or add her to the Index.-Steve added.-Either way we have to avoid that from happening.-

When Leah woke up she noticed three concerned faces looking at her- ´That can´t be good- she thought to herself, she wasn´t in pain or cold anymore, in fact she felt better than she had in a long time.

-Is anyone going to tell me what´s wrong?-She asked nervously as she tried to sit up.

-Easy Leah.-Bruce suggested as he helped her up, even if the lab results suggested she was in optimal condition it wouldn´t hurt to take it slow for a couple of days.

-Well.-Tony started. – We might have omitted to tell you a certain detail about a transfusion we had to give you when we thought we might lose you.-

-Transfusion? I don´t understand. What does that has to do with anything? – She asked confused, then it hit her – From whom?-

-From me.-Steve answered her question which made Leah´s eye´s grow big in surprise.

Tony started explaining everything to Leah, from now and then Bruce and Steve would add some details, when they finished their story silence reigned the room, they were all waiting for Leah´s reaction, who was trying to get her mind over all that had happened.

Suddenly the silence was broke as she asked intrigued –So, what does this mean? I have superpowers now? Like Steve?-

-Probably, but there´s no way to know for sure until they manifest.-Bruce answered.

-That´s …just … I can´t believe it, really? How can we find out?-she sounded more excited than scared which made everyone relax.

-I told you she would like it.-Tony smiled at her excitement

-I don´t think we should find out right now.-Bruce said with a serious look.

-But can I get off bed now?-she asked impatiently

Bruce couldn’t help to laugh. –No, not yet, I want to keep you in observation for a couple of days just to make sure everything is all right. Don´t worry you´ll be sleeping in your own bed soon.-

-That sounds nice.-Leah admitted with a smile, she was tired of being in the medical ward.

-I´m glad to see you better.-Thor said walking in.

-You and me both Thor.-Leah acknowledge.

-Guys, do you think I can talk to Leah in private? – Thor suddenly asked.

-Of course.-Steve answered as he got up

-We have things to do in the lab.-Tony dragged Bruce as he said the words.

-Yes, we do.-Bruce answered back as they went for the door.

Once they were alone Leah asked worryingly –Is something wrong Thor?-

-Nothing is wrong Leah, I just need to talk to you. Yesterday I found your letters … -Leah blushed at his news which made Thor smile when he saw her distraught.-You have nothing to be ashamed of Leah, I … delivered your last letter.- he added.

-You saw Loki? – Leah asked surprised

-Yes, I did.-Thor told her –He asked me to give you a message …-

As Thor retold Leah his encounter with Loki she listened attentively, Thor chose to leave out of his recollection about Loki´s worries regarding SHIELD taking action as soon as their daughter were born, there was no point of worrying her right now.-

“-So, he´s going to answer me back-“ She thought to herself, she felt a bit sad about not looking forward to his roses any more but she understood why, and was grateful he had gone through such lengths to let her know he cared.

-Are you all right Leah? – Thor asked when she remained quite.

-Oh! Sorry, yes! I was just thinking I´ll have to wait until tomorrow to know Loki´s mind.-She answered back.

-I hope he gives you the answer you are looking for.-Thor softly told her.

-Thank you Thor, I hope that too.-Leah said with a small sigh.