When Loki finally woke up it was after midday again. –“ If I had kept doing this any longer I might fell into Odin´s sleep.-“ He thought to himself. “-Or would it be Loki´s sleep? Well, it doesn´t matter I have no time for that, besides today will be the last time. I might have to take my time to regain my strength but I won´t be idle, though fist I have a letter to write.”

As he got up his stomach complained with a sound full growl –All right, all right. I will take care of you first, there´s no need to make a scene.-Loki admonished the growling sounds, he hadn´t been in such a good mood in months, as he noticed he scratched the back of his head as he walked over the kitchen trying to figure out the source of the change, then it hit him. As he leaned into the kitchen bar laughing he scolded himself –Oh Loki! You´ve been so stupid!.-

After he had eaten a good size breakfast he went to his desk, this letter might be the last she would heard of him for a good time, he´d better make it worthwhile.

-Leah, my love

-She´s going to have a blast with that-Loki said to himself smiling.

-I´ve been in terrible soggy mood since the day I left you at SHIELD´s mercy, I thought I was doing the right thing all these months keeping myself away in order to keep you safe, have I ever been so wrong before?

I´ve been so caught in my fear of losing you I forgotten who I am.

I am Loki of Asgard, and as you so accurate pointed out I do what I want, and what I want is you in every sense of the word.

Today is the first day in months I felt like myself, can you guess why? Because I have relinquished the foolish idea of giving you up, I might not have a plan, not even a shred of a plan but that won´t stop me, if there isn´t a way I will invent one. I won´t rest until what’s rightfully mine has been restored to my side.

I´m the God of Chaos, but chaos is also the womb of creation and rebirth. I am not my actions, they don´t define me, they never will. And if someone doesn´t like that they can choke on it.

Will I be at your side when our daughter is born? Just try to stop me! I´ve even thought a name for her … Eerika.

I guess Thor has already told you I won´t be delivering any more roses for the time being, and you probably remember why. On my despair I did the only thing I could think of to keep myself near you, but it was unwise from me to keep it up this long. I will need quite some time to restore myself and my magic to fit conditions, so I will have to ask you to be patient.

I´m convinced that the best place for you until our daughter is born is with the Avengers, they have already saved you twice and we might need their help again before this is over. I´ve seen you training, never thought you could be so skilled with the bow, keep at it, learn as much as you can, within reason discover your new abilities, they might come in handy as the time comes.

Looking at you so concentrated and determined as sweat rolls down your delicious neck has been driving me crazy, who could have thought that the sight of you as a warrior would be so … enticing. I´ve neglected you for so long and I intend to correct that mistake in a slowly maddening way until there´s no complain left.

For now my sweet mischievous girl know that you are in my thoughts every day and every night that I long for the soft touch of your skin against mine, and I´m eagerly waiting for the day you´ll be within my arms again.

Until then remember this, I love you.


He looked at his letter as he finished pleased with himself.-I wish I could see her face as she reads it, though I can almost see her blushing.- He mischievously grinned at the thought of Leah´s flustered face as she reads his letter.- Norn’s, how I miss her!-he sighed at the memories.