A few minutes after the mouse and cat game started Tony received a call from Jarvis –Sir, I´m afraid we have a security breach-

-What? Now?! This can´t be happening! Talk to me Jarvis, what´s going on? – He spat angrily as he barely escaped from one of Dr. Octopus arms.

-The criminal known as Venom just broke into the Tower followed by Spiderman.-the A.I. replied

Tony growl as he asked Jarvis to communicate him with Spiderman –What are you doing in my Tower?-

-First of all this wasn´t my idea, seems Venom is after something in your Tower, he kept luring me here until he broke inside. I very much doubt he just came in here for fun, what does he want?-Spiderman answered displeased.

-I don´t know, we have a lot of dangerous weapons in the vault, some vibranium in the lab, not to mention art and jewelry lying around, take your pick.-Tony replied as he kept fighting

-Fuck! Hey! Put that down!-could be heard at the other side of the line along with the familiar sounds of things breaking.

-Put what down? What´s going on?-Tony inquired annoyed

-I´m a bit busy right now, I´ll tell you later.-Spiderman answered as he cut the communication.

-Dammit! Jarvis, where are Clint and Leah?-Tony asked worryingly

-Mr. Barton is on his way to intercept the intruder, Mrs. Leah is in the shooting ring- Jarvis reported.

-Seal the shooting ring level, I don´t want Venom walking into her-Tony ordered –Guys, we have a situation- He wryly said to the rest of the team through the comlink.

-You mean other than this?-Natasha asked intrigued.

-Venom just broke into the Tower.-Tony finally spat.

Everyone´s heart skip a beat when they heard the news, Venom was by far the most vicious of the Sinister Six, even if Spiderman and Clint combined forces he wouldn´t be easy to defeat.

-I´m going back- Steve replied in an instant –Now, if someone could give me a hand with Rino.-

He´d barely finished his sentence when Thor tackled Rino away –Hurry Steve!-He shouted as he threw Rhino a good hundred meters away before resuming his fight with Electro.

Steve quickly got in the Quinjet and flew it into the Tower at full speed, within minutes he was walking into the Tower through the shattered glass of the Penthouse, following Venom wouldn´t be hard, he left a path of destruction on his way.

When Jarvis told Clint about the intruder he restock his quiver and told Leah to stay put, he didn´t wanted her to run into Venom by accident.

-But … -Leah protested, she wasn’t at all keen of being left alone.

-Don´t worry. We´ll be fine, trust me, just stay here.-He reassured her-If you hear someone coming to this level hide, all right?-

-All right. – Leah nervously agreed –Please take care of yourself Clint.-

-I´m harder to kill than you think, I´ll be back in no time.-He smiled at her as he walked away.

-Clint? Where are you?-Steve called him in the comlink.

-Steve? I´m on my way to level 79, my best guess is that Venom is after something in the labs of level 80, any ideas?-Clint answered

-Your guess is as good as mine.-Steve replied –Where´s Leah?-

-I left her on the shooting ring, she´s a bit scared.-Clint confessed

-I can imagine –Steve commented then asked –Where´s Spiderman Jarvis?-

-Currently at level 79, he´s engage in a fight with the intruder.-Jarvis Reported

-I´ll meet you there.-Clint told Steve

Clint was the first to catch up with Venom and Spiderman, by the time Steve arrived the fight had already moved to the labs level, the shooting ring was only three levels below, they had to stop him there.

Before he could know it Venom trapped Clint in a spider web pod just as Steve arrived.

-Mind if I join in?-He asked as he stroke Venom with his shield making him release his grip on a unconscious Spiderman.

-How you dare interrupt us?-Venom growled fiercely –We´re getting rid of all of you.-Followed by his anger burst Venom teared from the floor a very heavy looking equipment and forcefully threw it against Steve.

Only because of his super-human reflexes was Steve able to get out of the way before it hit him, though the weight from the equipment made the floor to cave in. Suddenly a woman´s scream could be hear at the distance, the equipment must have fallen all the way to the shooting ring level. The scream called Venom´s attention and before Steve could avoid it he jumped into the hole. Steve jumped right after him, they both kept fighting between the debris as they descended. In a second Venom managed to get a hold of Steve´s head and forcefully smashed him down against the floor which made Leah cry out.

As Venom lifted a half-conscious Steve in the air with the intention of ending him a voice interrupted him.

-Let him go.-Leah sounded a lot more confident than she felt, she was trying her best to hide her trembling as she pointed her arrow against Venom.

-Look at that, who do we have here?-Venom teasingly asked without loosening his grip on Steve.

-That´s not of your business. I can’t let you hurt him. Let him go!-Leah ordered again

-Leah, no!-was Steve´s muffled plea

-You´d better stop pointing at us with that thing before you get hurt.-Venom sarcastically told her.

-I´m not afraid of you.-Leah yelled standing her ground.

-Really? We´ll see about that.-Venom said as he let Steve drop to the ground as he charged against Leah.

Leah´s arrow flew just beside him which made Venom release a maniacal laugh –You missed! My turn!-

Leah didn´t had enough time to set another arrow, out of instinct she protectively raised her arms in an attempt to withstand Venom´s lunge against her as her started shout echoed the floor.

Almost at the same time a green shimmer appeared just a few paces from Leah as a blue bright glow flooded the room.

Loki was the first to come around after the shockwave that followed the glow knocked all of them out, his helmet had protected him from the blast.

-What the …? – He started to ask confused about what had just happened when he noticed Leah unconscious on the floor –Please, no! –was his first thought as he rushed to her side and cradled her between his arms; he sighed in relief when he noticed she was still breathing –Leah, Leah, please wake up!- he desperately pleaded trying to reanimate her.

-Mmm.-Leah complained under his efforts until she recognized his voice –Loki?-She weary asked as she struggle to open her eyes.

-Yes, baby, it’s me. I´m so sorry.-He said with a sad smile as he fought the tears on his eyes while holding her tight to his chest.-I didn´t knew, if the news hadn´t been on …-

-Ow!-Leah groaned in pain as he hugged her which made Loki worryingly loosen his grip on her.

-What´s wrong? Are you injured? Did Venom touch you? If he dared to hurt you …-Loki growled

-No, I don´t think he did. My hands, and arms hurt.-Leah said in a half voice –And I feel drained.-

Loki swiftly took a look at her hands, he gasped as he recognized her wounds –It can´t be.- He said mostly to himself, then he raised one of her sleeves to take a look at the rest of her arm –But that´s not possible, you can´t do magic.-

-What are you talking about? – Leah inquisitively asked.

-Those burns, I´ve only seen similar ones on magic apprentices, it happens when they can´t control their powers, their magic … burns them. I don´t know how but it seems you are the one behind the explosion Leah. Unless …-

-Unless what? – Leah asked worryingly

-What was your last thought before the explosion? – Loki asked in earnest

-I was scared.-Leah acknowledged.

-Something else, think Leah! – Loki pleaded

-I was thinking of Eerika, I was so scared for her.-Leah confessed

Suddenly voices could be heard through the hole in the levels ceiling.

-Why can’t we catch a break? – Loki sighed in exasperation

-Please don´t go.-Leah pleaded as she noticed Loki´s change in demeanor.

-I have to my love, please listen we don´t have much time. Sometimes on jotun pregnancies the mother´s powers grow stronger or manifest when their child has a high magic level, fear must have triggered it. You have to control your emotions. I´m sorry, I can´t stay, at least not yet, It´s not ready yet; but I promise next time we meet I won´t leave. Please believe me, if I could stay I would.-Loki nervously told her as he help her sat up.

His eyes reflected all the other things he didn´t had time to tell her, she knew it was useless to argue, she nodded her head in agreement while she fought the tears and the lump on her throat.

-Steve!-Clint´s voice echoed the room.

-I love you-Loki said with a half-smile, then he softly kissed her before teleporting away.

-I love you too.-Leah whispered back as she lost her battle against her tears.

Just as Loki teleported away both Clint and Spiderman dropped down to a strange scene, Steve was still on the floor unconscious just as Eddie Brock who had been separated from the symbiont by the explosion and Leah was sitting on the floor staring back at them while tears rolled down her cheek.

-How are they Doc?-Spiderman asked Bruce.

They had all hurried back after defeating the villains.

-They will be all right, they just need some rest.-Bruce answered

-Who is she? – He suddenly asked.

-A friend.-Bruce answered –We need to keep her safe, no one can know she´s here.-

-My lips are seal Doc, but I can´t make you any promises about Eddie.-He dryly told him.

-Don´t worry about him, he´ll be in solitary confinement until we can relocate her.-Tony said as he walked in.

In prison a guard delivered Eddie´s meal. –The distraction worked like a charm.-the guard told Eddie.-We have the information he asked for.-

-Just as planned Chameleon.-Eddie smirked back. – What of our payment?-

-Doom has already wired the money to your account.-The fake guard answered.