“-This is it.-“ was Loki´s thought, everything was ready, it was time to set his plan in motion, but he wasn´t exactly thrilled about it. He sighed as he readied himself “-Did I miss something?”- He thought nervously, but he knew it wasn´t the case. “-I´d better go through with it, there´s no going back now, and this better be convincing. He bit his lower lip while going over his plan in his head “-Quit stalling!-“he admonished himself.

-All right. – He finally said out loud as he put his helmet on –Let´s do some mischief.-He teleported from the roof he had been to the middle of a field on Central Park, he had chosen the location to maximize the effect but minimize the possibility of collateral damage, if someone got hurt his plan wouldn´t stand a chance.

As soon as he got there he smiled, even if he disliked profoundly the rest of his plan for the day at least this part was going to be fun, without a moment to loose he conjured the illusion of a pack of bigelsnipes which causes terror instantly, he reinforced the illusion by blasting some magic bolts that gave the impression of the bigelsnipes causing actual damage to the now abandoned belonging of the park´s visitors while he spoke up –I am Loki of Asgard people of Midgard , and I challenge your champions for the reign of this realm. Avengers, I dare you to face me! – The scared masses tripped with themselves on their hurry to flee the vicinity.

He couldn´t help to laugh at their hurried efforts over in truth, nothing; if only one of them had been brave enough to face the fake bigelsnipes they would´ve dissolved into thin air.

Loki didn´t had to wait long for the Avengers to arrive. As he had expected the first one to approach him was Thor –Are you out of your mind?-He yelled at him enraged –This is how you fulfill your promises?-

-I´m the God of Lies Thor, did you really expected any different? – he mocked him, in truth he was worried Thor didn´t caught on his true intentions.

-Have you forgot about …? –Thor didn´t even see Loki move until his spear hit his face.

-I´m not here to talk Thor.-He angrily spat at him, how else he was supposed to keep his over righteous brother from spilling everything out. –I don´t care about your childish reproaches, have I not made it clear enough? I´m here to challenge you and your so called Avengers.-As her utter the words he blasted a magic ray against the rest of the team who were disembarking the Quinjet. –And don´t bring Erick into this.-He shouted before being tackled down by Thor who was too angry to pay attention to his last remark, luckily Tony who had flown in by his own did “-Erick?”- He thought to himself –“Why Loki would made such mistake?” He knew fully well he was having a daughter, not a son, he had chosen the name himself, he knew there was no chance he had heard it wrong either, that just left another possibility, Loki was trying to tell them something.

Suddenly he asked Steve over the comlink –Are you guys all right?-

-Yes, thankfully Loki´s aim seems a bit off today, he hit the Quinjet which let out a lot of smoke but not us.-Steve reported

-I don´t think that has nothing to do with luck.-Tony dryly told Steve. –I think Loki is trying to send us a message.-

-A message?-Steve repeated intrigued by Tony´s conjecture.

Their conversation was interrupted by an unexpected thunder, it seemed Loki had pissed Thor enough to make him summon a storm. Seconds later after the first lightning hit Thor´s hammer he redirected it against Loki that summoned a magic barrier to block it.

“-Dammit Loki, don’t do that.-“He mentally admonished himself.-You are supposed to loose, remember? – He reminded himself as he mentally stated “-I hate this plan.-“

Then he mocked Thor again –Is that the best you can do, princess? – He knew fully well that insult would really get him into Thor´s bad side, but he had no choice, the battle had to look real, he couldn´t afford anyone suspecting otherwise.

Thor rammed into Loki´s magic barrier with Mjolnir shattering it, the shockwave sent both Asgardians flying a good hundred meters from each other. Both of them seemed tired, Thor had asked the team to let him alone deal with Loki as soon as Jarvis had alerted them of the disturbances in Central Park.

-Thor, are you sure you don´t want us to ….-Steve began to ask worryingly as the battle seem to be taking his tall on them, as they disembarked they´ve set their task on the bigelsnipes which had dissolved as the illusion’s faded by their touch.

-Stay away!- Was Thor´s furious respond.

-Are your friends getting bored? –Loki snarled with a smile as he snapped his fingers –Maybe I can help them with that.-He magically had turned everyone’s weapons into snakes. The first reaction of all of them was to drop their weapons in a hurry. Loki mocked them –What happen? Afraid of some little snakes?-

Thor seized the opportunity to attack Loki only to fall through an illusion –Are you always going to fall for that Thor?-He taunted his older brother, he really shouldn´t, but he was having so much fun pissing him off.

Even Tony smirked at Loki´s last trick, then it hit him. Loki was making Thor angry on purpose and he really hadn’t done anything near deadly to anyone, he just seemed to be playing tricks, taunting them. What if he wanted to lose? Normally if Loki felt he was losing he would teleport away, he´d never let them capture him, but what if he needed them too?

His thoughts were interrupted again by Thor´s and Loki´s fighting, this time Loki had failed to raise his magic shield against Thor´s lightning’s which had hit him full causing him to scream in pain.

“-Why can´t you just back out?-“Loki irritated complained to himself while he desperately tried to catch his breath while on his knees.

Thor seemed reluctant to finish him, he really didn´t wanted to hurt his younger brother, his anger was beginning to fade. -Why are you doing this Loki? – He asked conflicted. –I thought you wanted too…-

Loki huffed furiously as he gathered all his strength in a single magic blow against Thor –You stupid oaf! I don´t want to talk!- The blow flew Thor a few meters away, but before he could charge against Loki again he heard the sound of Tony´s thrusters being fired, he had attacked Loki by surprise knocking him out.

-You were taking too long.-He said to Thor before he could complain. –Now, let´s get him to the Tower.-

Thor growled as he carried Loki´s unconscious form over his shoulder and into the Quinjet. As soon as they were in he grabbed Tony by the throat –I told you not to interfere.-

-I know that Thor.-Tony quickly responded before things escalated –But you were spoiling your brother´s plan.-

-Loki´s plan? What do you mean?-Thor asked puzzled as he released Tony

-I don´t know why, but I´m quite sure he wanted us to capture him.-Tony explained.-Think about it, he was playing you, making you angry.-

-He´s right.- Natasha agreed.-He was playing with all of us, the snakes were more of a distraction than an actual threat.-

-But why? – Thor inquired confused.

-You´ll have to wait until he wakes up to ask him.-Tony volunteered.

-Why don´t we just deliver him to SHIELD?-Clint asked annoyed.

-We can always do that later.-Steve offered.-But Tony is right, Loki´s up to something and I´ll like to know what it is.- Then he turned to Thor –Do you still have the shackles that bind Loki magic powers?-

-Yes. – Thor dryly answered.

-Then I guess we have ourselves a guest.-Steve acknowledged.- Jarvis, prepare the cell on level 27 and tell Bruce we are on our way back, and Jarvis … don´t Leah know about our guest.-