-Bruce, can you meet me at the medical ward?-Tony asked over the comlink, according to Jarvis Fury was still in the Tower, risking Leah´s and Fury’s paths to cross again wasn´t a good idea.

-On my way.-Bruce answered without any further question.

-Hu must be very eager to leave the shooting ring.-Leah told Tony.- He didn´t even asked you what for.-

-Yes, I know. Fury has a way of …-Tony paused as he tried to think of a nicer way to describe it.

-Pissing people of? – Leah ended his sentence for him.

-That too.-Tony agreed.-He´s not that bad one you get to know him, he´s definitely no angel I agree, but he means well, though I don´t always approve his methods.-

-So, you are saying I shouldn´t be worried about SHIELD? – Leah asked puzzled.

-No, to say the truth I think you are right to be wary of them, SHIELD´s history with people with abilities doesn´t always end well. With some exceptions of course, but that´s only because he knows he needs us.-

-So for them is either with them or against them, right?-Leah asked worryingly.

-Yes.-Tony admitted.-If Loki really wants to change and become one of us you won´t need to be concerned about SHIELD anymore.-

-If … you don´t believe him? – Leah asked with a stern look on her face.

-I believe he loves you, beyond that …. I don’t know.-Tony confessed.

Leah´s expression changed to a sad one, he was right; it would be hard for the rest of them to believe in Loki.

-No, no, don´t be sad.-Tony told her with a concern look.

-But … – Leah started to protest when Bruce walked in.

-What´s the problem?-He asked dryly.

-I … – Leah showed him her hands.

-Again? – He asked with a stern look.

-I´m sorry.-Leah apologized, she felt like she was letting him down every time she couldn´t stop it from happening.

-I thought you were happily reuniting with Loki.-Bruce told her.

-I was, but …-Leah started to explain when Tony interrupted her.

-It wasn´t all her fault Bruce, we thought it would be better not to tell her about the real reason behind Venom´s breaking in. Like Loki says, she´s too smart for her own good.-

-Never mind, let´s get those treated, you can explain me what happened later.-Bruce said as he uttered an annoyed sigh.

-Things not going well with Fury? – Tony asked concerned.

-I´d have to say no that until Thor practically menaced him with a full-fledged war with Asgard if both Leah and Loki didn´t remained under our custody.-Bruce told them.

-He didn’t.-Tony said amused by the thought of it.

-Oh! He did.-Bruce smirked. -They’re still arguing about it, Fury demands that Loki remains shackled and caged until he´s satisfied with evidence of his change.-

-What will it take to convince him?-Leah suddenly asked.

-To say the truth I don´t know.-Bruce confessed.-I don´t think none of us do.-

Leah looked heartbroken for his reply; when could she be able to truly reunite with Loki?

-You´re making her worry.-Tony protested.

-It clearly backfired when you tried to do the opposite thing.-Bruce answered while bandaging Leah´s right hand.

-No, it´s all right Tony. I should´ve known it wouldn´t be that easy.-Leah told them with a defeated sigh.

-At least you can see him, talk to him.-Tony reminded her trying to cheer her up.

-But, I can´t … be with him.-Leah told them crestfallen.-Will he be able to be at my side when Eerika is born?-she asked in a pleading tone.

Bruce looked into her eyes mercifully. –I´m sure we can arrange that, don´t worry.-He answered with a soft smile.

-Thank you.-Leah smiled him back.

-Now, tell me what happened, I though you already had this under control.-Bruce told them as he finished the bandage on Leah´s left hand.

Tony explained mostly everything, he left some of the more personal details out Like Loki calling out loud the name of Leah´s deceased child to make her snap out of it.

-So Loki can teach you to control this?-Bruce asked intrigued.

-Yes, he can.-Leah asserted.

-Then I guess we better arrange that he does.-Bruce told her.-I really don´t want to keep bandaging you every time things get out of control, regardless your healing factor I know it hurts even if you don´t tell me.-

Leah looked discomforted by his statement. –I don´t want to be whining.-she answered. –You do more than enough patching me every time.-

-That´s what friends are for.-Bruce replied. – Now, off to bed. Doctor´s orders.-

-But I´m not tired.-Leah complained, she was but she felt restless knowing Loki was near.

-You can see your Romeo tomorrow.-Tony told her shamelessly.

-All right.-Leah gave in; he was right at least for the moment Loki wasn´t going anywhere.