It was the middle of the night, everyone should´ve been asleep; but someone wasn´t. Barefooted steps echoed along the hallway, ragged breath, for a pregnant woman she was really fast, only one thing occupied her mind.

-“I got to see Loki. I need to. They won´t understand.”- She was wearing a maternity pale blue night gown, her hair was loose, entangled curls hanged in disorder around her face hiding her tears stricken cheeks.

As she got near she remembered Steve was on watch in the cell control panel, they´ve had been taking shifts just in case.

-“Please Steve, let me in”- She pleaded mentally, she would be able to get to the cell´s corridor without any issue, Tony had given her the code so she would be able to get in and talk to Loki whenever she wanted; but this night, this night just talking to him wouldn´t do, she desperately needed his comforting presence, she craved for the safety that Loki´s arms promised.

Inside the cell Loki also felt restless, something told him that something was wrong. He was sitting on his bed pensive when Leah rushed in.

-Leah! What´s wrong? – He worryingly asked her as he stood up in a hurry to meet her.

-Nightmare.-She manage to say between gasps as she tried to catch her breath.

Loki´s eyes widened, it had to have been a very bad one to make her run to him in a hurry.

-It was only a dream, it can´t hurt you now.-Loki said trying to calm her, if only he could held her in his arms like he used to every time a nightmare awoken her, he knew they could shake her up very badly, and he couldn´t recall seeing her so agitated about one before.

She nodded her head negatively –You don´t know.-Then she turned to the place she knew a camera was hidden and raised her voice –Steve, let me in please.-She pleaded.

Steve who had been watching the whole scene with a frown on his face answered through the intercom –You know I can´t Leah.-

-Please, I need him.-Leah broke up in tears as she felt to her knees.-You won´t understand, I didn´t thought I was capable, but I was. Oh my god! Why? Why did I did it?-She was shaking badly.

-Leah, what are you talking about?-Loki asked worryingly as he knelt by her side.

-I did it Loki, I did it. I knew exactly what I was doing and nevertheless I did it. – Leah whimpered in total despair. –Please, let me in, let me in, I need to get in.-

Loki´s heart shrank at her painful cries, it might be useless but he had to try.-He turned to the same spot Leah had spoken up a few moments ago and pleaded. –Please, I beg of you, let her in. She´s in pain, can´t you see that?-Then he turned back to look at her. –Leah, it will be al right, whatever happened it will be all right.-

Steve was deeply conflicted, Leah really looked in bad shape; whatever her nightmare was about it certainly had stricken her heart with fear, he raised his hand over the cell´s button still undecided when another hand press it as a voice said.-Leah, Loki stand back, I´m opening the door, as soon as you can get in Leah, I´m closing the door right behind you. Loki stay back until it´s closed.-

Steve looked surprised at Bruce.

-You were going to let her in anyway.-He simply stated.

-You´re probably right.-Steve acknowledged.

Both Leah and Loki obeyed Bruce´s instructions to the letter, as soon as she was in she ran into Loki´s arms crying –I´m sorry, I´m sorry.-She shrieked.

-What for? You haven´t done anything! – Loki answered distraught by her crying.

-But I did! – Leah whined. – I´m sorry!-

-Leah, calm down! What happened? – Loki tried to calm her down without success; she kept ranting about something she had done, out of despair he suddenly kissed her. Leah sniffled surprised for an instant before closing her eyes and surrendering herself to his kiss, it had been so long since he last kissed her.

Their breaths grew faster as the kiss grew in intensity, all the longing they had felt over the last month translated into that one kiss.

Both Steve and Bruce were surprised by the turn of events.

-I didn’t thought they would get to that, that fast.-Bruce acknowledged.

-Oh my god! – Steve utter when Leah and Loki started to furiously undressing each other-

-Jarvis, cut out the visual-Bruce quickly stated.

Then a loud moan was heard.

-And the audio too.-Bruce added flustered.

Steve looked at him totally shocked, his mouth stayed open for a couple of seconds before he could ask.-They knew we were watching, didn´t they?-

-Probably, but I don´t think they cared.-Bruce volunteered.

-You knew this was going to happen?-Steve asked surprised.

Bruce let out a little laugh before answering. –Steve, you could cut the sexual tension between those two with a knife.-

-And now what?-Steve asked.

-Jarvis, can you tell us when they umm … are done?-Bruce asked the A.I. –And have their clothes on.-He added.

-Certainly Sir.-The A.I. answered.

-Now that I think about it, what are you doing here?-Steve asked Bruce as he noticed he was wearing his pajamas.

-Ever since I released her from the medical ward I asked Jarvis to monitor Leah´s vitals and alert me of anything unusual happening, especially if she´s alone. And tonight something did, her vitals went off the roof. I don´t know what happened but she fled in a hurry from her room to Loki´s cell.-Bruce explained.

-A nightmare.-Steve told him.

-It must have been a hell of a nightmare then.-Bruce reasoned.

-It seems that way.-Steve agreed.-She kept ranting about something she did, but she wasn´t making any sense.-

-Whatever it was Loki will help her deal with it.-Bruce added convinced.

-Do you trust him?-Steve asked.

-About her? With my life.-Bruce answered.-On a mission, I still have my doubts, but I do think he´ll do anything to keep her safe.-

The loud moan Steve and Bruce had heard was Leah´s; Loki was nibbling a very sensitive spot on her neck which sent shivers all through her spine, her breasts were half exposed, Loki´s chest was already bare. Suddenly Loki lift her up and carried her over to his bed. As he lay her down he stay pensive for a while contemplating her belly, how to do it safely was the question in his mind.

Leah guessed what he was thinking and leaned up to whisper something in his ear.

-Really?-Loki asked surprised while raising his eyebrows as she kept whispering.

-Really.-She confirmed with a smile after a while.-I researched it on line.-

You did, uh?-Loki smirked-Well my naught girl … I´m glad you did.-He removed his trousers and slide down his underwear revealing his harden manhood, then he sat down next to her while helping her out of her night gown and maternity underwear.

-You look beautiful!-Loki told her as he admired her body before kissing her deeply again.

Leah giggled a bit while he kissed her then as Loki stopped for a breath of air she answered.-You look at me with loving eyes, I´m huge.-

-As expected, but that doesn´t diminish your beauty, it enhances it.-Loki told her with a gallant smile.

Leah blushed at his comment.-You think so?-she asked shyly.

-Undoubtedly.-Loki answered while leaning to kiss her as he carefully laid her down.- Are you sure this is safe?-He asked concerned.

Leah smiled softly as he pulled him down for a kiss. –Yes, it is. We just have to be careful and follow the instructions.-She told him as she winked an eye.

Loki slid his fingers inside her which caused Leah to jerk surprised as a moan escaped her lips.

-Are you all right?-Loki asked preoccupied by her strong reaction.

Leah panted while she answered. –I wasn´t expecting that, I didn´t knew … what more sensitive meant until now.-She laughed, ten told him.-Please, don´t stop.-

Loki smiled relieved.-You are so wet already.-

-Yes.-Leah sighed.-I´ve missed you.-

-So have I.-Loki confessed as he slid his fingers again inside her, this time he was prepared for her reaction, it didn’t took him long to get her to cum. –Something tells me this is going to be much better than angry sex.-He purred in her ear.

Leah laughed between panting.-You have no idea!-Then she pulled him down for a kiss, she kissed him fierce fully, a deep passionate kiss that made Loki moan as he felt the stir in his loins.

-Help me up.-Leah asked as she released the kiss.-Now lay down.-Loki obeyed her eagerly.

Carefully Leah mounted him, they both moaned as his penis penetrated her, Leah arched her back while the arousing sensation traveled through her as Loki pushed his hips up to meet her. They were oblivious to anything else from them, filled with contained passion they unleashed it.

Loki panted with every thrust, he might have pull her down for a kiss if her belly hadn´t got in the way; instead he hungrily stoked her breasts with both hands as their rhythm increased.

With an almost simultaneous moan they both came, then Leah slide down to Loki´s side trying to catch her breath.

-That was …-Loki started to say but he couldn´t find his breath yet.

– Uh-huh.-Leah answered with a big grin.

Loki rolled to his side to look at her.-I love you.-He confessed.

Leah smiled back as she answered.-I love you too.-

Loki rested his head on her chest, the sound of her beating heart was the most comforting sound he had ever heard.