They kept quiet for a long while just enjoying each other´s company until Loki broke their silence.

-Not that I am complaining, but what happened?-he asked

-We had sex.-Leah joked back.

Loki frowned while looking at her. –You know that´s not what I meant.-

-I know. – Leah sighed conflicted. –I just don´t know where to start.-

-By the beginning?-Loki suggested.

-Leah sighed again as she bit her lips contemplating her options. –Fine. – She finally said; after all it was the reason she came to him in the first place, she paused for a while as she gathered her thoughts –The first thing that I remember is that we were in a huge underground cave, I don´t remember how many we were or who was there specifically, but I do know you were amongst them. We were on the run, escaping from something, everyone had been injured including you.-Leah frowned as she struggle to remember the details. –We had nowhere else to run, the cave ended right there, we had trapped ourselves, before the end of the cave there was a slope, beneath a shallow river flowed. I took a stand on the slope because … for some reason I was the only one who wasn´t injured, the only one still capable of fighting back. –Loki could feel Leah´s heart rate beginning to raise as she kept telling her nightmare. -I knew that if I fell the rest of you would be unequivocally dead.-Leah paused for a moment as she shivered at the memory of the nightmare playing in her head.-Then they came … a pack of alien looking creatures, just a big bigger than a Chihuahua. ..-

Loki had to interrupt her.-I´m sorry, but what do you mean by alien looking creatures? And what is a Chihuahua?-

-What? – Leah was taken by surprise by his questions and suddenly realized he didn´t understood neither of her references and paused to explain –Alien like in the movie? – She asked.

Loki nodded his head negatively.

Leah frowned as she told him –I´ll ask Tony to show it to you later, but they have a reptilian kind of appearance, claws, big head, big teeth, really scary looking. And a Chihuahua is a small dog, about this size.-She demonstrated with her hands what she meant.

-All right.-Loki acknowledged satisfied by her explanation.

-Ok.-Leah frowned, she had lost her concentration.-Where was I?-

-The alien looking creatures were approaching.-Loki reminded her.

-Oh! Yes, of course.-Leah looked nervous.-You have to understand, I had no weapons, throwing anything at them wouldn’t do anything but piss them off. All I knew was that I had to stop them somehow, they couldn´t get pass me, I couldn´t let them. Then …. It happened, the biggest of them, probably their leader attacked; it jumped on me clawing and biting and all I could do was try to get a hold on it as he fought me. I knew I wouldn´t last long if I didn’t do something to stop it, and I had to stop it or they would kill all of us so I … tried to get a hold of it by its neck as soon as I succeeded I started to tight my grip on it.-Leah was sweating, her hands mimicked what she was narrating, her eyes seemed unfocused.-I could feel it´s slippery skin, I could smell it´s nauseating odor , it started to desperately wring out of my grasp when it realized what I was doing….but I kept clutching it harder, it kept twitching under my hands, trying to escape, and I kept tightening my grasp, I wanted it death… and then I felt it happen … something snapped and the creature stop moving …and then it hit me … I had killed it. I never thought myself capable of doing such a thing … I never thought … and it just happened.-Leah looked distraught absentmindedly staring at her own hands as if they had betrayed her.

-But it was just a dream.-Loki tried to comfort her.-You haven´t killed anything.-

-No Loki.-Leah nodded her head negatively.-It may have been a dream, but in that instant it was real to me, and right there I made a decision, one I can’t unmade. And now I know …-

-You know what?-Loki inquired worryingly.

-That I´m capable of killing.-Leah looked into his eyes anguished.

Loki looked at her confused by her statement, but before he could tell her anything she continued.-I) know it in my heart, if I had to do it again… without a doubt, without a second thought, if anything threatened you or Eerika … I wouldn´t hesitate to kill.-Tears were already over flooding her eyes as she ended her sentence.

Loki held her tight against his chest.-You don´t know that, not for a fact. It was only a dream.-He understood better than she knew the source of her distress, it seemed that the first kill either in reality or in a dream had the same effect.

-No.-Leah nodded negatively between his arms.-No, I would. I know. Natasha talked about side effects of the serum, do you think that ….-she stopped afraid to end her phrase.

Loki looked worryingly at her eyes as he asked concerned.-Think what?-

-That I´m … going crazy.-Leah shrieked as she started crying again.

-No, no, my love, don’t cry. You´re not going crazy.-Loki reassured her as he hold her tight.-It´s not crazy to protect your loved ones. You are still the same woman I fell in love with, believe me, you are. No serum can ever change that. I will do anything within my power to protect you from a situation like that, but even if it … happened. Even if you actually did, it would be because you had no other choice, not because you went mad, not because you enjoy it.-

-How can you be so sure?-Leah asked him sniffling.

Loki smiled gently at her.-Because I know you, even when you didn’t recognize yourself, I knew your heart. I forsake a realm for you, doesn´t that tells you how I feel about you?-

Leah suddenly asked him nervously as she cast her gaze to the ground.- Do you ever regret it?-

Loki was stunned by her question, he looked at her in disbelief as he answered. – Never! How can you even ask me that?-

-I´m sorry.-Leah apologized.-But your life could´ve been easier if you hadn´t saved me that day. You wouldn´t be locked in here, you might have ended ruling a realm someday.-

Loki looked at her sympathetically, she was feeling overwhelmed by guilt, her question was inadvertently devised to hurt herself, she wanted him to tell her she wasn’t worth it.

-Leah.-Loki started in a stern tone.-You are right, in a century or two I might have ended ruling a planet. But then what? I never thought about it. I never realized that if I ever succeeded I would have no one by my side to share it with. What good is a realm if you´re alone? Saving you… that one good deed saved me, changed me … forever. And if I´m being punished for doing so, well… so be it. I´ll endure any trial to prove my love for you. There´s nothing I wouldn´t do for you or for our child, do you know why?-

Leah had stopped crying and was looking at him intently moved by his admission.

-Because you love me?-She asked doubtfully.

-Yes.-Loki smiled.-And you know why?-

Leah nodded her head negatively, she couldn’t think of a reason.

Loki looked at her with loving eyes.-Because you are the gentlest soul I have ever known, even when you had no reason at all you cared for a villainous soul like mine.-

-You were saving me.-Leah told him.-I hardly think that as villainous at all.-

-Then If I´m not a villain, how could you be one?-Loki softly told her

Leah looked baffled by his answer, she opened her mouth but she couldn´t think of a thing to say. Loki seized the opportunity and sweetly kissed her and then said.-Let´s dreams be dreams my love, I doubt we´ll get another opportunity to be together like this in a while. How about we make the most of it?-He winked an eye at her.

Leah casted aside her fears and anxieties as she answered –Let´s.-