Leah went back to Loki´s cell to grab his blanket, next she offered it to him. Loki gave her a puzzled look as he asked. — What am I supposed to do with this? —

— You need to wrap it around yourself. — Leah explained to him.

—I´m not doing that. Forget about it. —Loki complained

Leah sighed as she explained —Doom is using thermal imaging to find us, the blanket will hide your body heat long enough for us to get to Eerika. —

—You are joking right? —Loki asked her amused —I did explained you I´m a frost giant, didn´t I? —

—Oh! —Leah blushed as she remembered. —But can you control it without your magic? —

—I think so, I´m not sure. I´ve never tried it before.—Loki confessed.

Leah look at him concerned, betting their safety on a supposition wasn´t a good idea. Loki had the same though, with a resigned sigh he grab the blanket. —I guess we´d better be safe than sorry. But this will get in the way if we have to fight. Talking of which I´ll need a weapon— Loki said eyeing Leah´s bow.

—If we have to fight you can lose the blanket and I´m not giving you my bow. —Leah complained.

—I´m quite good with it—Loki told her trying to convince her.

After accidently leaving the audio channel of her comlink open during her argument with Loki, Leah was making a conscious effort of turning it on and off; as she opened the channel again she asked —Thor? How skilled is Loki with the bow? —

—Very, but you are better—Thor volunteered.

—Traitor. —Loki mumbled annoyed.

—Sorry Loki, but I´m keeping the bow. —Leah told him with a proud smile. —You can have this. —Leah offered the firemen axe to him; Loki observed the axe annoyed without grabbing it.

—That´s not even a real weapon. —Loki grumble.

—All right, you win. You can have one of my hunting knives. —Leah yield as she offered him a large knife which she seemed to have pulled out of thin air. —Tony made them for me they are made of an adamantium alloy, it will pierce easily the doombots armor, but it´s really expensive so don´t lose it or Tony will bite my head off. —

As he heard Leah´s explanation of the knife Loki took it and admired the craftsmanship but he couldn´t help to wonder. —Where did you pulled out that from? — He hadn´t noticed she was carrying it with her before and couldn´t imagine where the pair was hiding.

—Guess! —Leah said winking an eye at him while smiling mischievously.

Loki opened his mouth but he still didn’t had a clue of where she pulled it our form, but the idea of frisking her to find out was appealing. —Umm. —He uttered when Tony interrupted them.

—Kids, can´t you behave for one second? —He admonished them half joking half meaning it.

—Tony! Are you all right? —Leah asked him, she was glad to hear his voice and in the other hand she was annoyed with herself, she had forgotten to turn her channel off again.

—I´m fine if you don´t take in consideration that Doom just tricked me and escaped. —Tony added with a hint of anger. —By the way you should really get moving, there are more doombots coming your way. —

—We are moving. —Was Leah’s response as she wrapped the towel around herself she waited until Loki had done the same to sprang out towards the gym. Fortunately they didn´t ran into any doombots on their way.

As they arrived Leah headed straight to the clothes basket she had used to make a cradle for Eerika, she sighed relieved as she found her sleeping still.

—She´s still sleeping. —She told Loki with a smile; before she could say anything else Loki kissed her. As the kiss continued Leah decided to turn off her comlink completely, she had already shared more than she could handle for the day.

As Loki released her she told him. —I´m not complaining, but … what was that for? —

—For luck. —Loki answered her smiling.

—Is that an asgardian costume before going to battle? —She asked intrigued but she was pretty sure it wasn´t.

—Well, no. I just been meaning to do it since you rescued me. —He confessed a bit flustered. —I´m not used to being rescued, so I guess what I´m trying to say is … thank you. —

Leah was taken aback for his gratefulness and shyly responded. —You keep saving me all the time, that´s the least I could do. —She ended while shrugging her shoulders.

—Don´t sell yourself short Leah, it took a lot of courage to come for me alone, especially … —Loki suddenly stopped, he hadn’t meant to mention Doom so soon.

—Especially after Doom´s menace. —Leah ended his sentence with a scowl, suddenly she felt enraged —I could just kill him! —She spat full of anger.

Loki looked at her surprised at her outburst, when Leah realized Loki was staring at her she added. —Don´t tell me you hadn´t thought about it. —

—I have. — Loki confessed. —But I don´t think the Avengers would give me another opportunity if I did, and neither would Fury. —

—No, I guess they wouldn´t. —Leah acknowledged still angry. Doom´s diplomatic immunity made him virtually untouchable, unless you wanted to start a war with Latveria crossing him was ill advised.

—Don´t be upset Leah, he won´t go unpunished for what he tried to do to you. I promise, there are other ways of getting even with him. —He tied to comfort her as he hugged her.

—Killing him would be easier. —Leah growled displeased between clenched teeth while looking to the ground.

Loki stood silent as he worryingly pull her out of his embrace; he tried to look her in the eye while wondering if something else had happened, something she wasn´t telling him.

Suddenly Leah looked up at Loki as she apologized. —I´m sorry, I´m just too angry and tired. Forget I said anything.-

Loki looked at her sympathetically as he fixed a lose strand of her hair —You should be in bed resting.—

—I don´t think that´s going to happen any time soon. —Leah acknowledged wryly.

—No, I don´t think so either.—Loki admitted. —Are you sure you are up to this? I could go to Thor by myself. —

—I´d probably accept your offer if the doombots weren´t invading the inferior levels as we speak; if we stayed it would only be a matter of time before they found us. Besides I´ll feel safer if we are together. —Leah confessed.

—We´ll stay together then. —Loki agreed.

—Now if I could just find an extra comlink. —Leah told him as she registered the place. —Thor is always leaving them around when he comes to …train. There you are! —She said cheerfully as she picked it up, next she placed it in Loki´s ear.

Meanwhile the rest of the team had noticed Leah´s comlink was off.

—What are those two thinking turning their comlink off in a moment like this? —Tony complained loudly

—Maybe they just needed a moment. —Steve volunteered.

—A moment for what? We are in the middle of a battle here! —Tony spat angrily.

—To talk. —Natasha suggested. —I don´t think Leah meant to let her channel open for us to listen about what happened with Doom.-

—That sick bastard! —Tony yelled. —When I get my hands on him I´m going to kill him.

—Not If I get to him first. —Natasha added followed by Thor and Clint replies.

—Come down guys, you know we can´t do that… — Steve warned them.

—Why not? —Tony asked displeased.

—Because that´s not the way we solve things …—Steve told them

—So he´s just going to get away with this? —Tony asked very crossed —Like always. —

—I never said we couldn’t beat him to a pulp …—Steve volunteered.

—Now you are talking …—Clint cheerfully agreed.

Leah explained quickly to Loki about the operation of the comlink. —You´ll be able to communicate with them even if we got separate. —Next she cradle Eerika up and carefully placed her in the baby carrier she had attached to her chest.

—You won´t be able to fight like that. —Loki pointed out concerned.

—I´ll manage. —Leah replied —Besides that´s why we have a dashing asgardian warrior like you protecting us. —She ended winking an eye at him.

Loki tried his best not to smile at her comment, he wished he felt that smug with a sigh he accepted her compliment. —Just be careful. —

—Don´t worry I will. We should turn our comlinks on and tell them we are ready. —First she turned her own on then helped Loki with his; then she tentatively asked —Tony? —

—Leah? Why on earth did you turned off your comlink? I´ve been worried sick. —He scolded her.

—I´m sorry, we are ok. I didn´t thought …—She tried to apologize before being interrupted by Tony.

—That´s right you didn´t think. We are in the middle of a battle here we don´t have time for you two to be fooling around. —He answered in a very angry tone.

—We weren´t fooling around. —Leah defended herself.

—I don´t care what you were doing you don´t turn your comlink off! —Tony yelled at her

—Stop yelling at me I didn´t do anything wrong. You sound like my mother! Geez! —She answered raising her voice.

—I wouldn´t be yelling at you if you behave young lady. And I´m not your mother! —Tony spat back.

Loki and the Avengers couldn´t keep a straight face any more and broke laughing at that point.

—If I didn´t knew better I would say you were siblings. —Loki told them between laughs. —You sound like Thor and me. —

—We don´t …—Both Leah and Tony talked back at the same time which only made them laugh as they realized how silly the argument was.

As they stop laughing Tony told Leah in a calm tone. —Once this is over we really need to talk. —

—I know. —Leah acknowledged half-hearted.

—You worry too much, everything will be all right. Now, are you ready to move? —

—Yes, we are. —Loki answered.

—Your best route to the upper levels is through the service stairs, they are relatively free until level 84, Thor is in level 86 as Clint trying to keep the doombots at bay. Call them when you are near those levels if battle improves they might be able to get to you. —Tony explained.

—We will. —Leah acknowledged. —I guess trying to hide from thermal imaging on those levels would be useless. —

—I´m afraid so, they’ll have visual contact on you. And you´d better be prepared to fight them; I´ll try to get rid of them before they get to you while I look for Doom but those damn things are sneaky. —Tony responded.

—Yes, they are. —Loki agreed as he motioned Leah to leave. —Let´s go to find Thor. —

Loki went ahead as Leah guarded the rear, if they noticed a doombot coming their way he would get ahead and took care of it before he alerted others of their presence. As they got close level 84 they would find doombots more often, suddenly turning a corner Loki found himself surrounded by three doombots. He stab the first one through its jaw making it short-circuit, then he tricked the second one to fire on the third while using it as a shield, next he charged against the last of them disposing of it quickly. Unfortunately he didn´t saw that the first doombot had stood up and was sneaking up behind him. Suddenly an arrow flew right past his left ear and hit the doombot in one of its eyes knocking it down.

Loki looked down surprised, it had been Leah who had finished the doombot.

—I thought you needed help. —She volunteered doubtfully.

—Yes, I did. Thank you. —Loki admitted then asked. —This feels strange, right? —

—I know. —Leah agreed. —I never thought of fighting by your side. —

—Nevertheless I think we make a good team. —He told her with a smile. —Although you took your time to get here. —

—On that point I just want to say that I officially hate stairs. —She pouted upset. —At least for the moment. —

—Are you sure you are all right? —Loki asked her worried.

—I´m fine, just let me catch my breath for a moment. —Then she asked. —We are almost there, aren´t we? —

—Yes, next level is 84, we´ll have to get to the elevator from there. Although … I wish there were another way; we´ll be exposed on the hallway. —Loki told her with a frown.

Leah sighed concerned. —Unfortunately there´s no other way; following the stairs is out of the question according to Tony they are swamped with doombots in the next level. — Then she took a couple of minutes to check on Eerika as Loki reported to Tony.

—Are you ready? —Loki asked her as she finished taking care of Eerika.

—No, but we’ll have to do it anyway. I guess we´d better get to it. —

—All right. —Loki agreed. —I´ll go first and I will call for you when I´m sure there are no doombots around. — They were halfway to the lift when a half dozen doombots appeared; within seconds both Leah and Loki were in the middle of a heated fight. As Loki has predicted trying to protect Eerika made Leah an easy target. She tried to counteract by using her bow as a fighting Stick to keep her enemies from getting to close to her, suddenly one of the doombots got pass her defenses knocking her bow right out of her hands and quickly got a hold on her. AS it grabbed Leah through her waist the doombot fired it´s jetpack.

—Loki! — Leah shrieked as she felt the pull of the jetpack dragging her upward.

—Leah, no! —Loki shouted as he got rid of the last doombot standing, next he retrieved Leah´s bow that was lying in the ground and ran to her aid; but it was too late the doombot was already flying far away from his reach taking both Eerika and Leah with him.

—Target acquired. —The doombot reported. —Rendezvous at the penthouse roof. —

—Let me go you stupid piece of shit. —Leah growled as she tried to wriggle out of its reach.