—Tony they have them! — Loki told him in distraught as he opened the comlink channel.

—Loki? What happened? —Tony asked concerned.

—A doombot has them, I overheard it talking; they are taking them to the rooftop. There´s no time to waste, meeting Thor will have to wait. —Loki told him as he tried to catch up with the doombot.

Suddenly Leah´s comlink channel opened, they could hear the doombot´ s voice. —Targets acquired, deploy ships to draw the Hulk away from the building, send additional doombots to prevent any interference. —

— “Smart girl” —Was Loki´s thoughts.

Next a sound of broken glass and a scream were heard.

—Shit! —Loki exclaimed. The doombot had went flying through the window. —The damn thing just went through the window. —He explained to Tony as he turned swiftly back to the elevator.

—You stupid suicidal robot! Let me go! —Leah complained very displeased at the doombot maneuver.

The doombot rose spiral circling the outside of the tower to the rooftop. Again it´s voice could be overheard in the comlink. —Approaching to vessel, destination Latveria, departure: immediately. —

—Like hell we are! —Leah yelled at the doombot before pulling out her hunting knife and stabbing the doombot in the head.

—Warning! Systems failing! —The doombot reported while flying over the roof. Leah stabbed it again, this time she unintentionally hit the jetpack that exploded almost instantly destroying the doombot and throwing Leah and Eerika away from the building, Leah shielded Eerika as fast as she could from the explosion; the strength of the shockwave knocked her out momentarily.

Everyone had heard everything and started calling for Leah without any response when they heard the explosion, it took her about 5 seconds to come back only to realize they were falling.

—We´re falling. —All of a sudden she answered. —I´m afraid I didn´t though this through, I can´t fire a line to save us I lost my bow. —

—Don´t panic Leah, I´m already on my way. —Tony told her as he finished another doombot. —Jarvis locate Leah’s coordinates. —

—She´s falling fast sir, they are at the 700 ft. mark, you won’t make it on time. —Jarvis reported.

—I don´t want to hear that Jarvis, reroute all energy to the propellers. We are going to get there on time. —He snapped at the A.I.

Leah had overheard everything, and knew fully well there was a good chance that Tony didn´t got to her on time.

—Loki? —She asked nervously trying hard not to break down.

—Leah, you´ll be all right. Tony is on his way. —Loki tried to reassure her while he continued his race to the rooftop knocking doombots left and right.

—Loki … I´m sorry. —She confessed.

—No Leah, don´t you dare give up! —Loki scolded her.

—I´m sorry. I love you. —She ended her farewell then she turned her attention to Eerika who was crying. —I´m sorry Eerika. —She curled up in what she knew was an useless effort to protect her baby from the fall. —I guess it wasn´t meant to be Eerika, I´m sorry I failed you. —

All the team had a lump on their throats by now.

—Sir, she´s too close to the ground. —The A.I. reported.

—I don´t want to hear it Jarvis, adjust the trajectory. —

Leah had closed her eyes when she noticed she was too close to the asphalt. —I´m sorry. —She said yet again as she waited to hit the ground, but instead a couple of metallic arms caught her only a couple meters from the sidewalk. —Tony! —She yelled surprised as she felt his grasp. Cheering could be heard on the comlinks. Loki sighed with relief and silently thanked the norns as he continued fighting his way to the rooftop.

—Please tell me you´re not apologizing for dying. —Tony told her.

—I was scared. —Leah confessed. —I thought we were done. —

—Don´t you ever apologize for dying. —Tony scolded her, while still feeling a lump on his throat; it had been a very close call. —You fight it! —

—All right. —Leah answered through tears of relief.

—Sir, I must remind you that the energy is almost depleted. —Jarvis reported.

—We are heading to the rooftop. —He said to no one in particular.

—I´m almost there. —Loki answered.

It only took them a minute or so to get to the rooftop; as Tony carefully placed Leah and Eerika down a powerful ray threw Tony into the penthouse. Doom had unexpectedly made his appearance.

—No! Tony! —Leah screamed, she was trapped again, as she checked in panic her surroundings for an escape route Loki made his entrance, he was still fighting a couple of doombots which he ended swiftly.

—Loki! —Leah exclaimed, he still had his shackles on his wrists. Neither of them would have a chance against Doom if Thor didn´t removed them. As if he had read her mind Doom shot his rays against Loki who managed to duck just in time to avoid them, unfortunately the next blow hit him full knocking him out.

Leah ran to him fearful, as she made sure he was still breathing she could see more doombots walking into the penthouse; she had to do something or Doom would take them all to Latveria as his prisoners.

She removed the baby carrier and the backpack she had been carrying with her and carefully placed Eerika over Loki´s chest, turned her sound input off she didn´t needed to hear everyone’s advice to run but they would need to know what was happening in case any of them could be able to help them so she left her output on; next she picked up her bow that lied beside Loki. For an instant she contemplated them, her family; she had gone through so much to keep them and now Doom wanted to take them away from her, she allowed all her fear to become rage. Before facing Doom she told Eerika. —Take care of daddy honey, mummy has to take care of some vermin. —

—Silly woman, you really think you can face me? —Doom mocked her—Drop that before you hurt yourself. —

—You are goi8ng to regret doing that. —Leah replied to him as if she hadn’t heard his mockery, clutching her bow tight without a warning she shot an arrow against Doom who deflected it with a magical field.

—I told you so. —He laughed at her. —You are not strong enough; I´d rather not damage my prize but if you keep being stubborn I might change my mind. —

Leah tightened her jaw, an attack from the distance wouldn´t work; she would have to get closer. She ran swiftly towards Doom while shooting her arrows which he deflected every time. All of a sudden he threw a blast against her that made her fall on her back knocking her air out.

—This is getting boring, you are nothing but a nuisance, if you weren´t useful I´d be inclined to kill you. —Doom told Leah as he walked by her side.

That was all that Leah had been waiting for, with one swift move she swept Doom´s right leg making him fall by her side, Doom tried to elbow her missing for just a second as Leah rolled up. They fought hand to hand for a few minutes until Doom managed to grab Leah´s left wrist and twisted her arm against her back forcing her to kneel as she screamed in pain.

Both her scream and the sound of Eerika´ s crying woke Loki up who found Eerika resting on his chest, as he got a hold of her protectively he sat up only to find Doom towering over Leah.

—Leah! —He screamed a mix of anger and concern. —You will pay for that Doom. —

—You´d better stay still Loki or I´ll break her arm. —Just to prove that he would he twisted Leah´s arm a bit further extracting another painful shriek from her.

—Stay still Loki! —Leah pleaded laboriously. —Just take care of Eerika. —She begged him through steamy eyes, while she tried to force a smile she winked at him.

— “She has a plan” —Loki thought in hope. Whatever was her plan it seemed she needed help, Dom was keeping the twist on her arm too tight; she frowned in pain as she failed to restrain a muffled whimper. Loki´s heart shrank, he was hurting her. If only he had his magic back he would make Doom pay for it. Suddenly Loki noticed she was reaching for something in one of her boots.

—You will regret doing that Doom. —Loki menaced him trying to distract his attention from Leah.

—I hardly think you are in position to make threats Loki, they bind your powers somehow or we wouldn’t be having this conversation if you had your magic back. —Doom scoffed him. —Now, why don´t you stay still while I teach your … mistress some manners. — Then he turned to Leah —I´m going to enjoy breaking you. And I might just keep Loki alive long enough to see the look in your eyes when it happens. —Then he added. —You should´ve taken my offer woman. —

—No, you should´ve taken mine! —Leah responded as she purposely dislocated her shoulder as she twirled out of Doom´s grab and with one forceful blow stabbed Doom between his shoulder and his chest. It was now his turn to scream in pain.

Doom released his grip on Leah´s wrist surprised by the pain of being stabbed. Feeling her arm free Leah threw all her weight against Doom successfully knocking him down. She landed on top of him with one of her knees on his chest still holding the knife against him, she knew she wouldn´t be able to hold that position for long not with her arm being injured so she did the only thing she could think off, she sat on Doom´s chest resting all her weight against her good arm and the knife, if Doom moved it would prove very easy to cause more damage by just slipping the knife.

—In case you are wondering this knife is made of an adamantium alloy if it cut easily through your armour imagine what it could do to your flesh and bones, —Leah viciously told him.

—You wouldn’t dare! —He challenged her.

—Oh! But I would! —Leah responded with a ghoulish smile. —Your mother sold her soul for the sake of her people, I´m ready to loose mine for their sakes. —She told him while eying Eerika and Loki.

Loki was surprised too at Leah´s quick movements, but what froze his blood was her last remark, did she really meant to kill Doom? —Leah …—He started to say.

—Stay out of this Loki. —Was her swift response, she had to get them out of there before… she couldn´t believe how much her arm hurt.

—Jarvis, override Leah´s comlink audio settings. —Tony told the A.I. while he run to his lab.

—It´s done sir. —Jarvis informed him.

—Leah don´t do it. —Tony hurriedly told her. At the same time she could hear everyone´s voices telling her to stop.

—Tony! You are all right! —Natasha said surprised.

—That depends on your definition of all right. I need another suit. —Tony responded swiftly

—That goes for all of you too, everyone shut up or I´ll turn my comlink off. —She menaced them, she couldn´t afford the slightest distraction.

—Jarvis turn off Leah´s sound input for a moment. —Steve asked the A.I.

—Certainly Sir. —Jarvis responded.

—You have to help her. —Loki whispered concerned.

They were interrupted by Leah talking to Doom again. —Do we understand each other now? —Leah almost purred at Doom as she twisted the knife just a little bit, but enough to make Doom growl in pain.

—I´m not sure she is the one that needs help. —Clint spat.

—Yes—Doom furiously answered then asked. —What do you want? —

—For starters tell your doombots top let Loki and my child to go free. —Leah calmly told him. —You and I have some unfinished business to discuss and I don´t want them to get in the way. —Suddenly she added. —When Loki gets his powers back I´m sure he would like to deal with you on his own terms, but for now you´re mine. —

—What is she doing? What´s Leah thinking by staying alone with Doom? —Tony anxiously asked.

—She´s trying to keep her family safe. —Steve volunteered.

—She must know she´s not an opponent for Doom. —Loki added in a low tone.

—She knows Loki. —Thor grimly added.

—She´s trying to stall Doom until Thor can remove Loki´s shackles. —Natasha told them.

—All right! —Doom agreed. —They can go. —He could always capture them back later.

Loki was astonished Doom had accepted, he tentatively raised to his feet as he looked at Leah. —I can´t leave her. —He said mostly to himself.

—Loki take Eerika and go! —Leah yelled without turning around, she had to keep Doom pinned down just for a bit more.

—Loki do as she says! She need to know Eerika is safe. —Thor raised his voice; they had been fighting for over two hours now and the doombots just kept coming.

Loki hated the thought of leaving Leah with every fiber of his being but he knew they were right, he had to take Eerika somewhere safe and unbind his powers before being able to face Doom, he just pleaded Leah would be all right until then.

—All right. Don´t be long. —Loki told her as he turned away and ran into the penthouse whiel heading to the lift.

—Loki get down to level 86. Thor and I will be waiting. —Clint told him, hoping as Loki did that Leah would remain safe until then. —Steve, Natasha! Would you join us? —

As Leah heard the elevator door close she left out a relief sigh, Dom seized that momentary distraction to throw Leah off him, she landed on her injured shoulder which made her scream in pain, she had to get up before Doom dis.

They all had heard Leah´s scream, Loki had never felt so helpless before, the lift couldn´t move fast enough.

—You whore! —Doom angrily yelled as he pulled her knife of his chest before throwing it into the floor. —I´m going to make you pay dearly for this—

Leah had managed to get up, she knew from the beginning she wasn´t a match against Doom, she just hoped she could hold her ground for a little more. —What? You didn´t enjoyed it Cause I did. —She smirked at him while taking a couple of steps backwards.

—No, but I´m going to enjoy this! —He menacingly said as he walked towards her.