As Tony walked out of the room Steve turned his head right. He didn´t wanted to eavesdrop on the couple but he wasn´t comfortable leaving them completely alone after all that had happened. He had settled on sitting down on the farthest corner of the corridor in case he had to intervene again.


When Tony finally walked out Steve could see him protectively nursing his right wrist with a concerned frown on his face. He stood up quickly as Tony walked absentminded right in front of him.


“Tony?” He called worryingly.


Tony looked back at him startled by his presence. For a moment he opened his mouth as if he was to say something but at the last moment refrain from saying a word and just huffed upset as he walked out of the medical level.


Steve watched him leave with a heavy heart. Things didn´t seemed to have gone right. Next he walked into Loki´s room startling him.


“Steve? How?” He spat surprised then frowned upset “Were you eavesdropping on us?”


“No!” Steve defended himself quickly. “I … I stayed on the corridor as far as I could … I was worried something could happen … and … I saw Tony leave. What happened?” He couldn´t conceal the concern in his voice.


“I gave him an ultimatum.” Loki told him with an air of self-satisfaction. “Either he stands by me side or he doesn´t at all. I can´t him wavering anymore.”


“You did what? I can´t believe it! What did he say?” Steve asked baffled by Loki´s response.


“Nothing yet.” Loki volunteered calmly. “I asked him to think about it. I want him to be sure about his decision.” Next he changed his tone. “When are the rest of the team coming back?”


“According to Clint tomorrow night … at least him and Natasha. I´m not sure about the rest.” Steve told him shrugging his shoulders.


“All right.” Loki sighed. “Then I guess he has until tomorrow night to make up his mind. I´d like to keep this incident … private.”


Steve looked at him confused, how did he planned to do that?


“You should tell him that.” Loki added snapping him out of his thoughts.


“Ah … umh … all right.” He agreed absently.


“What´s wrong Steve?” Loki asked reading the confusion on his face.


“I … I´m just surprised you did that. I thought you wanted tony back no matter what.” Steve dryly pointed as he withdraws his real question.


“I thought that too.” Loki agreed pensively. “I really hadn’t realized it until now … “He raised his head to look at Steve as he added. “He might be wrong about a lot of things; but I think he is right when he says I deserve better. Now he just has to figure out if he wants to become that sort of man.”


Steve nodded affirmatively as he considered it. Next he asked. “How´s your arm?”


“Still sore, but better.” Loki acknowledged, this time he was sitting up without any discomfort.


“Seems you are starting to heal faster.” Steve pointed out relieved.


Loki examined his arm briefly and smiled. “I´ve had an outstanding nurse.” He bowed his head slightly thanking Steve.


Steve blushed at his compliment embarrassed as he bowed back. “Then I guess I should check on the rest of your wounds or I would be neglecting my duties. I think I should start with your eye.” He walked towards Loki right to examine it.


“It seems it …” Without any warning Loki pulled him into an ardent kiss. Steve widened his eyes surprised before he was swooned away by Loki´s kiss. When Loki loosen his grip on him to get some air he tried to ask. “But … Tony …” Without any delay Loki threw his arms around his neck and pulled him into another kiss to silence his words. This time he leaned down into the bed taking Steve down with him. Taken by surprise by the sudden position change Steve barely steadied himself leaning his arms into the bed. When a muffled moan escaped his lips Loki smirked and tried to pull him into the bed with him. He pulled too hard too fast with a disastrous result; feeling unbalanced Steve´s instincts told him to roll with such bad luck he rolled himself out of the bed taking Loki down with him. By some miracle neither of them had got entangled with Loki´s IV. The scene was hilarious Steve sprawled on the floor while he tried to catch his breath back as Loki laid on top of him staring worryingly at Steve´s red frowned face. When Steve finally looked up and found Loki´s eyes upon him he couldn´t help to laugh.


“You scared me!” Loki scolded him first, then joined him laughing as he realized just how silly they looked. After a while he leaned to kiss Steve again. This time Steve closed his eyes. “If this is a dream I never want to wake up.”


Feeling Steve responding to his kiss Loki blindly reached for his crotch with his healthy ARM. Steve gasped surprised. “No … wait!”


“Why?” Loki replied with a confused frown on his face. “I thought this is what you wanted.”


“More than anything.” Steve confessed which encourage Loki to try again. Steve panted. “But … not like this.”


“Like this, how?” Loki inquired both concerned and intrigued.


“Not to get back at Tony for whatever he has told you.” Steve replied with a frown; he looked at the distance as he regretfully added. “I don’t want you to regret this in the morning.”


“I´ll regret nothing.” Loki adamantly told him working his way down again as he nibbled on Steve´s neck.


Steve huffed; it was taking all of his will not to give into Loki’s loving ministrations. “You just said he has until tomorrow.” He spat swiftly.


Loki stopped dead. “Yes … I did.”


“Wait until then … if … if you still want me then I´ll be yours.” Steve sighed, he knew that it wouldn´t happen, not if Tony …


“Why wait?” Loki asked mildly angered. Mischievously he breathed into Steve´s neck making the younger man shiver. “You know you want this.” What did it mattered what he had said?


Steve tensed up, if Loki kept going he would lose his resolve. Huffing he begged him. “To be yours … yes. But not like this. Not to get back at him … please, not like your plaything.”


His desperate tone made Loki look back into his eyes, those blue eyes that looked at him with such yearning they now looked at him pleadingly, glistering.


“If you still want me after Tony and you have talked, I´ll be yours.” Steve kept reassuring him.


Loki frowned upset. “You make it sound as if you were expendable.”


“Am I not?” Steve asked rueful. “If you and Tony weren´t fighting you would´ve never noticed me.” He looked away conflicted. “you never noticed me before.”


“Steve that’s not…” Loki complained abashed.


“Don´t try to deny it.” Steve demanded softly turning his gaze back at him. “I knew it since the beginning.” He smiled wryly almost shamefaced. “I´m just your way out in case … in case things don’t work out with Tony. Why else would you have given him a chance?”


Loki didn´t knew what to answer to that.


“It doesn’t matter. I´m fine with it.” Steve admitted looking morose.


“Why didn´t I noticed you before?” This time he asked out loud. Everything would be different if he had fallen in love with Steve instead of Tony.


Steve opened his mouth surprised by Loki´s question. Frowning he answered it. “You wouldn´t have liked me back then.”


“You mean before the serum?” Loki asked intrigued.


“I was too skinny … weak.” Steve admitted.


Why would he go back so far? Loki questioned himself mentally when it hit him. Because tony wasn´t around back then. He genuinely though he would never notice him with Tony around. “Do you really think that´s all I´m attracted to?” Loki asked between amused and annoyed. There was something really cute about Steve´s lack of self-confidence.


“No … I´m sorry. I didn’t mean. I know you don´t. You wouldn´t …” He snapped his mouth shut hiding his face with his hands abashed as he cursed himself for being stupid.


Loki looked at him attentively, sighing he kindly told him. “You can say it. I wouldn´t have dated Doom. I agree; I wasn´t with him for his looks.”


Steve apologized ashamed. “I´m sorry, I didn´t meant to.”


“It´s all right Steve.” Loki reassured him. “I know you didn´t meant anything by it. How about we change the subject?” Loki asked as he rested his head on Steve’s´ chest.


Steve looked at him flustered. What if Tony decided to come back?


“I´m still making you nervous?” Loki smirked amused as he listened to Steve’s´ rapid heartbeats.


“I … umh … shouldn’t we get of the floor?” He asked shyly as he turned into a darker shade of red.


“I´m comfortable here.” Loki stated nonchalant before looking back at Steve who know looked even more conflicted. “All right.” He finally conceded. “You win. If you promise not to knock us down again we can get back into bed.”


“I didn´t meant to.” Steve answered pouting slightly. “and I think it would be better if you alone got back into bed … for the moment.”


“You could still reconsider.” Loki flirted shamelessly with him.


“Please don´t tempt me.” Steve pleaded mentally feeling all of Loki´s weight over him. It was excruciating; so near, and so far at the same time. “Tomorrow you might change your mind.”


Loki looked kindly at him, after all he was right. He was angry at Tony and he wanted to hurt him back as he had hurt him. “You are right … as always. Don´t you get tired of doing the right thing all the time?”


“I wouldn´t be myself if I didn’t.” Steve confessed. “Besides it´s easy to do the right thing when it doesn´t cost you. “


“I guess so.” Loki admitted.


“The real challenge is doing it when it does.” Steve added with melancholy in his voice. “But I don´t regret it at all. As long as you are happy I´ll be all right.”


Loki was taken back by his words and effusively told him. “Whatever happens I want you to know … you are precious to me now. That won’t change.” He sat up allowing Steve to get off the floor.


“Uh … thank you?” He blushed even darker as he sat up.


“Thank you?” Loki inquired amused.


“I really don’t know what to say to something like that.” He admitted embarrassed.


“You don´t have to say anything.” Loki comforted him. “Will you stay with me tonight?” He asked worryingly; Steve´s presence was reassuring.


“As long as you stay on the bed and me in my chair I will.” Steve agreed raising up carrying Loki up with him. He smiled relieved he didn´t seemed so weightless now.


“What are you smiling at?” Loki asked bemused.


“Nothing. I´m just glad you are feeling better” Steve volunteered cheerfully. If Tony and Loki could find the way to be together again he would be heartbroken. Even so he thought; it would´ve been worth it. “I’ll just deliver your message to Tony and I´ll be right back.”


“Message?” Loki asked puzzled.


“About his deadline.” Steve reminded him.


“He dare to tell me I shouldn´t have save him.” Loki complained distraught to Steve who looked at him with understanding eyes.