After Krista ended tending Valtrauta who had already awoken she turned her attention to Diane.
-You look like you had gone to war.-Krista said as she looked at Diane´s cuts and bruises.
-Indeed you do like it.-Locke interrupted them-Let me help with that.-
As he touched Diane´s hand Locke´s aura lighted with a green hue as he healed her.
Diane closed her eyes for a moment, it stung but she didn´t wanted Locke to know about it.
-Better? – He asked as his aura dimmed.
-Much, thank you-Diane smiled at him
-You are welcome-Locke smiled back
-So, I´m a bit confused. Am I still dead? And what are Mistress Love gifts?-Diane asked Locke
-Well, to sum it up; yes you are still dead, and you are now a Valkyrior so you can leave Valhalla at will. Among mistress Love powers are the manipulation of cosmic energy, the creation of barriers, and she can hurl bolts of cosmic energy. My best guess is that you can now do all of the above but in a lesser degree. You should start practicing now how to use these new abilities.-
-Right now?-Diane asked him
-Yes, father is already planning to attack Thanos tomorrow, if you want to be of any help I would suggest you start practicing now-Locke told her
– Tomorrow?-Diane asked again
-Yes, we have no time to loose. We still have to visit uncle Thor.-Locke stated
Diane practiced with Locke how to use her new abilities until they were both satisfied with the results.
-Why do you want me to accompany you?-Diane asked
-Because it will be easier for you to convince uncle Thor that I´m telling him the truth.-
-I guess you are right, when do we leave?-Diane agreed
-As soon as we can, this time you´ll have to will yourself to Asgard. Krista can show you how-Locke told her
Locke waited impatiently while Krista explained Diane how to travel out of Valhalla.
-So, did you understood?-Krista asked Diane
-I think so –Diane answered
-Are we ready to go?-Locke asked
Yes, I think I can do it-Diane answered
-All right, see you at uncle´s Thor chambers. He is alone right now it should make things easier-Locke teleported as soon as he ended his phrase
As he teleported in he noticed Diane wasn´t there yet, he sighed, he would have to start without her.
-Hello uncle- he greeted Thor who was surprised by his presence.
-Loki? What is the meaning of this?-Thor asked him
-I´m not my father, although I must admit we look alike. My name is Locke, I´m Loki´s youngest child.-Locke told him
-Loki only has two children and you are not one of them. Tell me the truth, who are you? – Thor had already summoned Mjolnir to his hand.
-He´s telling you the truth Thor- Diane´s voice interrupted them
As he turned to meet her Thor asked –Diane? How can this be? But you died …-Thor looked uncertain of his next move.
-It´s a long story Thor, I will try to make it short.-
Diane started to explain Thor about the real reasons after the angels attack, Locke´s existence and his plan to defeat Thanos, as well as Loki and the twin’s current whereabouts and their imminent attack on Sanctuary II.
-That fool! – Thor felt angry at Loki for deceiving him-He should have told me of his intentions-
-You would have tried to stop him.-Locke told him
-Yes, I would. Thanos is a strong opponent, even Loki himself advise me against fighting with him.-Thor replied.
-That´s why he needs your help.-Diane told him
-And he will have it-Thor reassured her
-I would suggest you take with you Lady Sif and the Warrior Three-Locke advised him.
-Why only them? We should tell Father and take Asgard´ s Army with us.-Thor frowned
-I don´t think that´s wise. Odin has to worry for the safety of the Realm, taking the army would only ensure Thanos´ ill will towards Asgard should we fail.-Locke stated.
-You do resemble your father –Thor acknowledged – I will follow your advice.-
As they left Thor´s chambers after he had written a letter to Jane explaining to her that Loki needed him and he would be back as soon as possible; they passednear the gardens.
Diane suddenly noticed Locke had stayed behind and told Thor to meet them at the Bifrost, as she went back for him she found him absentmindedly staring at the gardens a single tears running down his cheek. As soon as he saw her, he dried it out.
-Locke, what´s wrong? – Diane asked him concerned.
-Nothing, I just got distracted.-Locke lied
-You don’t need to lie to me. I can tell you are upset. Please tell me, what´s wrong?-Diane insisted
Locke sighed then asked her –Have you ever thought what will happen to me after the battle?-
Diane realized she hadn´t –No, what do you mean?-
Locke wryly smiled as he answered –Worst case scenario we all die. Best case scenario we succeed father restores you back as you were before you died and I´m still in your womb, but the version of me you know … it will cease to exist.-
Diane looked alarmed at him as he continued –I have the memories of my life as it would have happened if the angels’ hadn´t attacked courtesy of Eternity. All that makes me who I am will change, I will be gone and it frightens me.
Diane looked sympathetically at his child as she approached to him she asked –What made you stop here?-
-Shadows of what it was –Locke answered looking sad.
-What did you see?-Diane inquired
-You, and me and father in the gardens, memories of things that never happened, moments that won´t be shared, adventures that won´t be pursuit- Locke looked even sadder as he told her.
-Oh, Locke!-Diane hugged him –What do you think all of those memories have in common? The way things happened or the way they made you feel? Was it that you felt happy, loved, cared for? That won´t change no matter what. We will always love you, we will always be there for you. Don’t be afraid, who you are is more than a chain of events, it´s what is in your heart.-She smiled at him
-You always know how to make me feel better- he smiled back at her-I´m sorry I´ve been so hard on you and father, I just want us to be together again.-
-I know- Diane answered-But we would have appreciated a smother touch, now steady yourself, we have a war to win.-She kissed his child forehead as she ended her phrase.
-Wait mother! We can´t go with Uncle Thor and Father yet.-Locke told her
-Why not? – Diane inquired
-Father need to concentrate and you …-Locke started to tell her
-I will distract him.-Diane admitted
-Yes, I know you want to see him, but it´s not the best time.-Locke told her
Diane sighed –You are right, we need to tell your uncle to refrain from mentioning Loki that he had seen me.-
-Yes, I think that would be the best thing for now.-Locke agreed.
-When will we know it´s time to join them?-Diane asked worryingly
-I will know, don’t worry.-Locke smiled at her –We should get to the Bifrost, we shouldn´t keep Uncle Thor waiting.-
As they arrived to the Bifrost Thor and the rest of his party were already waiting for them.
-Heimdall!-Diane smiled as he greeted him
-Always a pleasure to see you princess-Heimdall bowed his head as he smiled her back
-We couldn´t believe it when Thor told us. We are so glad to see you-Sif greeted her.
-Thank you, I´m glad to be here. But we can´t join you right now.-Diane admitted
-Why not? – Thor frowned –Loki would be so glad to see you.-
-That’s the problem.-Diane told him-He needs to focus on tomorrow´s plan I will only distract him.-
-But …-Thor started
-She is right- Hogun interrupted him –Loki need to concentrate on the battle.-
Thor knew they were right –I assume you don´t want us to tell him we saw you neither, am I right?-
-Yes, you are. Please Thor? There´s too much at stake here.-Diane pleaded
-All right. I don´t like it but I know it is necessary-Thor admitted-So, what do we tell him when he asks us why and how we learnt of his plans?-
-You can tell him I told you-Locke told Thor –It wouldn’t be a lie.-