-So you think we can trust Yondu?-Loki asked Peter
-As long as he gets what he wants, yes we can- Peter replied
-All right. You know him better you should go with him, Gamora and the twins to steal the gem- Loki told him
-What about us? – Drax asked
-I will need your help to deal with Thanos army, just make sure you leave Thanos to me.-Loki answered.
-A thousand to one, I´m not sure if I like those odds. – Rocket stated
-You´ll also have some help from Yondu ships.-Peter told Rocket.
As they were talking an energy ray landed on the planet they were orbiting.
-I suspect we might have some extra help-Loki said to them as he watched the Bifrost closing – I will be right back – as he ended his phrase he teleported to the planet.
-“So, where did you landed?”-Loki thought to himself trying to orientate –“South”- He teleported again to the top of a rock formation –“There” He saw movement at the distance.
-Loki! – Thor greeted him as he teleported a few meters from them.
-Thor! How? – He was quite certain of the answer but he asked anyway.
-Locke- was Thor´s answer as he embraced his brother –Why didn´t you told me of your true intentions Thor reproached him as he looked into his eyes.-
-I´m sorry? – was Loki´s response as he tried to sound sincere.
-No, you are not.-Thor answered him with a grin
-You are right, I just thought it would save us some time. After all are you here to help us or to scold me? – Loki grinned
Thor nodded his head negatively as he answered – To help you – then added – I can always scold you later.-
-It´s fine by me – Loki smiled, if they survived he could handle Thor´s reproaches later.
-Lady Sif, Hogun, Fandral and Volgstaff, I am glad to see you- he meant it, they were all skillful warriors, and they needed all the help they could get.
-So you have a plan?-Thor asked Loki
-Yes, I´ll take you to the ship and fill you in it.-then he teleported all of them to Peter´s ship.
-Uncle Thor! – Eydls and Even embraced him, they were so relief to see him.
-Eydls, Even. It´s good to see you.-Thor smiled as he returned their embrace.
-Allow me to make introductions –Loki stated as he introduce the asgardians to Peter´s crew he continued –Rocket wanted more help, now we got it. Thor, Lady Sif and The Warrior´s Three will remain in the planet to help us against Thano´s army.-
-I doubt 5 more people will make a difference.-Rocket dryly told him.
-Are you willing to bet on that? – Lady Sif defiantly asked him
-I wouldn´t defy her –Thor told Rocket –She is one of the most skilled warriors in all Asgard.-
-We´ll see –Rocket answered.
-If we are all clear on tomorrow´s battle plan I would suggest that we rest, we will have enough action soon enough-Loki interrupted them.
-That sounds great! I need my beauty sleep.-Peter jokingly told them.
-I don´t think it has ever worked, you are still ugly-Rocket snarled.
-Look who´s talking! Like you would win a beauty contest – Peter answered him
-Come on boys, behave in front of the guests.-Gamora told them
-Ok mum- both Peter and Rocket answered at the same time which caused everyone to laugh.
I´ll show you to your quarters –Peter told the asgardians.
As they were leaving Thor asked Loki –Can we talk?-
-Yes.-Loki nodded –Follow me-
As they arrived to the platform, Loki asked Thor –What do you want us to talk about?-
-Are you sure you want to do this?-Thor worryingly asked
-Yes Thor, I am.-Loki answered him –Are you worried?-
-To say the truth I am, you always told me to avoid Thanos because he was too powerful and now you want to confront him, I don´t completely understand. I know you want Diane back but this is dangerous.-
-You wouldn´t understand it, you have been always loved without ant reservations by everyone, that had never happened to me until I met her.-
-Mother always have loved you, and so have I. Even Father loves you even if he wasn´t good at showing it until … –
-I came back from my banishment –Loki interrupted him as he sighed – I hoped you loved me, but I never knew for sure until then. I didn’t felt worthy of your love for the longest time, with Diane it was different; she knew who I was and what had I done and she didn´t mind. She accepted me with my rights and wrongs. I can´t explain it, I knew I would love her the first time our eyes met, it was like our souls had been searching for each other through the ages.-Loki´s eyes glistered as he remembered-I´m doing it for her, but not only to get her back. Locke has told me what will happen in the future if Thanos goes ahead unchallenged, death and destruction will spread through the universe killing everything good and pure. She wouldn´t want that to happen, she would stop it herself if she could, but she can´t so I will do it for her.-
Thor was taken aback by Loki´s confession, he was doing it out of love, there were worst reasons to go to war.-
-I understand now brother.-Thor told him, then asked –Do you release me of my promise?-
-What promise? – Loki asked.
-The one I made to you when we thought you were dying in Svartalfheim- Thor reminded him.
Loki remembered at once what he meant –I do brother, I release you of your promise not to fight Thanos.-
-I´m glad, I´ve always wanted to take a swing at him for what he did to you.-Thor grinned.
-Well, know you can.-Loki told him as he forced a smile.
Thor noticed Loki´s discomfort but he didn’t say a word. Loki had never told him what had happened to him after falling from the Bifrost, even if he had a rough idea thanks to Sygn he couldn´t even imagine what Loki had suffered at Thano´s hands.
-We should rest how –Loki interrupted Thor´s thoughts.
-You are right, do you know where my quarters are? – Thor asked him.
-Don´t be silly Thor, stay with me and the children, I´m sure they will love to have their uncle with them.-
-If you wish –Thor smiled –But if they start to ask me for war stories I doubt we will get much rest-
-Come on, they are not seven any more –Loki jokingly repplied.
A drop fell into the water pool Locke was using to watch his father, as the image wavered he looked up to Diane, she was crying.-
-Mother, what´s wrong? – Locke asked her worryingly.
-Nothing. I´m just being silly. Don´t mind me – She answered
Locke look at her disapprovingly.
-All right. Your father rarely speaks of his feelings like that, I didn´t knew that was how her felt when we met, but I felt the same way. As our eyes locked into each other´s I knew he would be the last man I´d ever loved.-
-True love.-Locke muttered mostly to himself.
-You think so? – Diane asked him.
-I know so, Mistress Love told me.-Locke answered then added –I will be right back I have to talk to my brother and sister before father gets back to his quarters.
With that he left Diane alone with her thoughts.
-Hello sister, brother! – Locke cheerfully greeted them
-Locke? – Eydls asked.
-The one and only –Locke jokingly answered.
-I doubt you are here to say hello – Even told him –What brings you here little brother?-
-I´m here to polish a bit father´s plan. – Locke told them.
-What do you mean?-Even asked again
-Well, he asked you to find the soul gem and then bring it to him, right?- he told them
-Right.-Eydls agreed
-We need to change that part a bit, the gem can help us to do more than just resurrect mother.-Locke explained to them.
-Ok, we´re listening-Even told Locke.
As soon as Locke ended explaining his plan to them he left.
-What do you think Eydls?-Even asked her.
-I think it´s a good plan-Eydls admitted
-Then why not tell dad?-Even asked her again.
-You know the answer to that-Eydls smiled at him.-
-He would worry.-Both of them said at the same time which made them laugh.
-So, everything is ready now?-Diane asked Locke as he teleported back.
-Yes, we´ve done everything we could. I suggest we also get some rest.-Locke told her.
-I doubt I will be able to sleep- Diane told Locke –I´m nervous.-
-I can always put a sleeping spell on you if you want.-Locke volunteered
-I´d rather try to sleep by myself.-Diane acknowledge
-As you wish-Locke replied.
Young, old, ancient and alien hearts fought anxiousness as they prepared to rest before the upcoming battle.