Morning had arrived faster than anyone thought, after giving last minute advices to Eydls and Even Loki joined his team in the planet.
As he stood alone at the top of a mountain watching the desolated landscape he nervously fidgeted his amulet.
Strong winds ran through his hair, the planet was inhabited, they had chosen it to avoid any collateral damage.
Loki was lost in his thoughts as Thor joined him.
-Everyone is ready –Thor informed him
-All right-Loki answered, the time had arrived.
-You still haven´t told me how are you planning to lure Thanos to this planet.-Thor told him.
-By doing this –without any warning Loki grabbed the amulet from his neck and tore up the chain in one swift move. He held it in his hand for only a second as he looked into Thor´s eyes he dropped it. The invisible magic barrier collapsed, even Thor felt it.
-And now? – Thor asked
-Now, nothing better to attract your enemy than to challenge them.-
Loki closed his eyes, a bright green energy surrounded his body as he searched telepathically for one being.
Thano´s dark mind wasn´t hard to find, as he approached it he could feel the titan’s attention turning back to him.
-I thought you were dead runt. But I am glad you are not, by the time I finish with you, you are going to wish you had died in Svartalfheim.-
-I´m not afraid of you anymore. Come and get me if you dare.-
-Feeling brave aren´t we? Let me remind you what fear tastes like.-
Loki could hear Thanos mad laugh echoing his mind, before he could sever the link Thanos managed to invade Loki´s mind with vivid memories of him being tortured. For a moment Loki felt like he was still trapped aboard Sanctuary II, the pain of bone´s breaking, flesh tearing. It took him only a second to sever the connection but in that second he experienced again months of pain.
Loki dropped to his knees as he had been struck by something, Thanos intrusion made him feel sick, the memories made him very nauseous, suddenly he threw up.
As he opened his eyes while grasping for air he saw Thor worryingly kneeling at his side –That went better than I thought. – He wryly smiled as he cleaned his mouth with his sleeve.
As he stood up he added –It won´t take him long to arrive, I think I managed to piss him off.-
-Are you all right?-Thor asked him
-Yes, he caught me by surprise. That´s all.-Loki answered Thor
Thanos had wanted to scare him back into submission –“That´s not going to happen.”- Loki thought to himself –“I´m stronger now, and this time I´m not alone.”-
Loki was right within an hour a warm hole opened near the planet, Thano´s vessel emerged from it.
Both Peter and Yondu were glad they had thought of hiding their ships on the asteroid belt surrounding the planet.
As soon as Sanctuary II established an orbit around the planet thousands of small ships came out of it like angered bees from a hive, amongst them Thanos in his flying throne.