As soon as Thanos fighters enter the planet atmosphere Yondu gave the order to his men to attack as they sneaked in Sanctuary II through the open platform.
Meanwhile in the planet the battle had begun, Thor summoned Mjolnir lightning’s and started to bring down as many ships as he could while Loki took them down with magic blasts, Rocket coordinated Yondu´ s men attacks.
As the first ships arrived unharmed to the surface carrying Thano´s soldiers the rest of the team joined the fight.
-Come on Volstagg you are going to miss all the fun!-Fandral shouted to his delayedfriend.
-I doubt we will ran out of enemies, and remind me how is this fun?.- Volstagg answered him as he encountered the first soldiers.
-Where´s you sense of adventure Volstagg?-Lady Sif asked him while she ended killing all the soldiers within her reach with her sword.
-I´d rather share a goo d meal and a jar of mead. – Volstagg answered her while disposing of another enemy.
-I will buy you all the mead you want when we get back.-Fandral told him.
-In that case – Volstagg answered –Let’s get on with it.- He carried one of the soldiers over his head and smashed him against a new group of upcoming warriors.
Drax was also having fun, nothing made him happier than destroying his enemies. Groot looked out his back, the creature was as deadliest to his foes as protective of his friends.
It didn´t took long for Thanos to find Loki who was creating havoc against his fighters.
Loki saw Thanos approaching at the distance and instantly surrounded himself with an army of clones, he knew he wasn´t a match for Thanos in an open fight, but he might be able to outsmart him. Either way he needed to keep him from returning to his ship, he had to give the twins and Gamora enough time to escape with the gem.-
Knives and magic blasts helped him to keep himself away from Thano´s reach, he even managed to disable Thano´s flying throne making it crash against the surface with a loud explosion.
As the smoke dimmed Loki could see Thanos figure walking out of the crash site pretty much unharmed.
“-Damn it! Not even a scratch”– Loki thought to himself.
-Why so coy runt? Afraid of fighting me up close?-Thanos taunted him.
-I already told you I´m not scared of you.-Loki shouted him back.
-Oh! But you are. I can see it in yout eyes.-Thanos smiled maniacly
-“He´s trying to distract me”-Loki thought -“So I will make a mistake”.-
Suddenly Thanos added – Couldn´t stay away for long trickster, did you missed me? Maybe you missed the way I you felt when I made you kneel.-
Loki´s face blanched up before becoming red with rage, he forgot his plan as pure hatred blinded him, all the anger and resentment he had hidden over the years suddenly emerged.
The sudden burst of adrenaline made him and his clones faster for a moment.
-I will kill you for what you did to me, you pathetic creature.-Loki snarled as he threw magic energy bolts against Thanos that made him retreat a few steps.
-I doubt that runt. I´ll be delighted to correct you again my errant child.-Thanos mocked him.
-I am not your child! – Loki shrieked as he forgot all prudence and attacked Thanos directly.
That was exactly what Thanos had been waiting for, as soon as Loki was within his reach he connected a direct blow with all his strength against Loki´s face that threw Loki´s helmet off his head and Loki himself against a rock formation a good hundred meters away from Thanos.
As Loki´s body hit the ground Thanos could tell he was unconscious, he smiled malevolently as he walked towards him.
Before he could reach Loki a familiar figure flew right at him, it was Thor. He had seen Loki fall and went to his aid. As he smashed Mjolnir against Thano´s head he shouted –Leave my brother alone!-
Thor´s blow threw Thanos to the ground but it wasn´t enough to defeat him, the mad titan laughed as he got up.
-So the golden brother finally comes to the rescue.-Thanos said to him –Do you want to know how many times your brother cried for you while enjoying my hospitality?- Thano´s evil grin as he relished in his sick comments made Thor angry.
-I´ll make you stop talking of my brother like that, you filthy beast.-
– – — – — – – — – — — – — – – – — – – – – — – –
Meanwhile inside Sanctuary II fight had already broken out as well, Eydls and Even were back to back blasting away their enemies. Gamora kept an eye on them while fighting her own enemies, Loki wouldn´t forgive her if anything happened to his children.
As they advanced through the maze of corridors towards the vault they turned around a corner to find themselves surrounded.
-Yondu! A bit of help!-Peter called
Yond had fallen behind for a few moments as he turned around the corner and assessed the situation he pulled out on of his special arrows and whistled.
As quickly as his whistling ended all of their enemies fell dead.
-That´s amazing!-Even told Yondu –Can you teach me to do that?-
-I´m afraid not, though I don´t think you need it.-Yondu answered him, he had been watching the twins fight, they were skilled enough for their age.
– – — – — – – — – — — – — – – – — – – – – – — – –
As Loki started to wake up he was disoriented, blood was running form his ear and mouth, he saw two figures fighting, as his eyes became focus he recognized them. Thanos and Thor were involved in a hand-to-hand combat, both were taking harsh blows that seemed not to bother them at all. As he got up he overheard Thanos words that made his blood freeze.
-That mewling quim you call brother never told you how much me enjoyed my shaft?-
Thor´s face grew red with disgust at his crude remark, but he didn´t had any time to respond to it as a fast green blur ran by his side.
-Shut up! Shut the fuck up!-Loki screamed as he swung Laevathian against Thanos.
-Afraid of the truth runt?-Thanos mocked him
-I hate you. Shut up you disgusting creature- Laevathian´s magic was increased by Loki´s own magic, it was even enough to cause Thano´s armour significant damages.
-You were mine and you will be mine again before the day end-Thanos threatening snarl at him.
-You might had broken my body back then but not my will. I was never yours, I was stronger than you and I´m still am. – Loki fiercely told him
For a couple of minutes it appeared that Loki could win the fight, all of his magic aura burning fiercely with every swing of his sword making Thanos to retrieve.
Thor had become occupied with a new squad of enemies surrounding them, but he could still see Loki fighting Thanos at the distance.
– – — – — – – — – — — – — – – – — – – – – — – –
-Are we near Gamora?-Eydls asked, she was staring to worry it was taking them to long to reach the vault.
-Just around the corner- Gamora answered.
As they turned around the corner a new battalion of enemies welcomed them opening fire.
If Even and Eydls hadn´t created a magic barrier between them and the soldiers they all would have been killed.
-What now? – Peter asked Gamora
-Can we fire through the barrier?-Gamora asked the twins
-I´m afraid not.-Even answered her
-We need a plan and fast –Petr told her while watching their backs.
-Tell me something I don´t know. – Gamora complained
-We can move the barrier –Eydls told them
-What do you mean move?-Gamora asked her
-Push it against them- Eydls answered.
-I see- Gamora smiled –Yondu, Peter come with me, kids give us two minutes and then push the barrier towards that corridor you see in the left.
-Ok.- both twins agreed.
When the two minutes ended and Eydls and Even had pushed the barrier towards the corridor Gamora told them to, they could hear gunshots as well as Yondu´s whistling. Within a few minutes they heard Gamora shout –Eydls, Even turn the barrier off.-
As they did their companions appeared on the other side of the corridor, they had ambushed their enemies who had been too occupied with the moving barrier to mind their backs.
Finally they were at the vault doors, Peter tried to push the doors open, next he fired at them with no result.
Gamora looked at him slightly amused as she cleared her throat to get his attention she shot the doors panel and the doors immediately opened.
-Show off- Petr grinned at her
-We need to find the gem fast, any ideas?-Even asked Gamora
-Yes, Thanos had a sort of private shrine in there, anything that powerful must be inside it.-
-Lead us, we´ll follow-Eydls told her.