-No! Loki, you got me killed-Diane pouted- You are ruining my score-
-That´s because you are doing it wrong-Loki answered
-I´m a high level mage, I think I know what I´m doing-
-Well, I´m a mage in real life, and you are doing it wrong-
-You´re so annoying-Diane said as she stuck her tongue at him
-You´re being childish-
-So?-she sulked
-Don´t be angry, come on. We can start a new game-
-Mm, ok-she answered still pouting
They were at the Avenger´s Tower; Samantha was gone for the day as she was staying with her friend Susy at her slumber party.
They had been going out for a couple of weeks now, getting to know each other, as going out usually ended with Loki being recognized and Diane felt too weird at him shifting to conceal himself –I know it’s silly, but I get the annoying feeling I´m cheating on you. I rather date you while you look like you-she confessed to him. They mainly took refuge at the Avenger´s Tower which was big enough to spend some time undisturbed if they wanted to.
They also spent some time at Diane´s apartment both before and after Samantha returned from school. She had been resilient at first, she hadn´t seen her mother with a couple before, at least not that she could remember. But she ended up being thrilled at Loki´s being her mum´s boyfriend, he was fun and they both ended getting along just fine. He loved children and Samantha reminded him of Anya which made him feel in family again.
He´d learn that Samantha´s father had left when she was around three years old leaving Diane to fence for herself, it had been difficult times; learning how to be a single parent and managing to cover all expenses. He hadn´t helped her with any of the expenses over the years as he wasn´t to be found; when he finally reappeared it was only to ask Diane for the divorce. She had been both relieved and angry, she didn´t thought of herself as Edwards´s wife for the longest time and she was glad to be able to close that chapter of her life. Although the divorce agreement took forever. Soon after that Loki had entered their lives.
He was everything her husband hadn´t been, he liked helping her around the house, a line from a movie sounded at her head when she thought about it “I don´t want you to wash the dishes because I´ve asked you to. I want you to wash the dishes because you want to do it” not that she would´ve let Loki wash any of them but the fact that he would volunteer to help instead of being asked to was new to her.
He had been more that understanding when she had to cancel a date due to Samantha getting a cold furthermore he had decided to stay and help keep Samantha in bed telling her stories and performing some magic to distract her while Diane was in the kitchen making chicken soup.
He spent all afternoon with them; he knew taking care of sick children was rather challenging to say the least, they didn´t made very good patients remembering both Anya and Misha´s illnesses.
As Samantha finally fell asleep Diane and Loki sprawled in the couch with a tired sigh
– I don´t know how to thank you-she said first.-
-What for?-he inquired
-For staying to help-she added
-You don´t have to-he replied and told her – I like helping you and I know children can wear you out especially when they´re sick.-
-She reminds you of Anya, doesn´t she?-
-Yes, a bit although Anya is about two years older than she by now-he replied with a smile
-She´s eight, right?-
-Yes, nine within a couple of months.-
-Do you visit them often?-
-Not as much as I´d like to but we keep in touch by email and we speak often through the webcam-
She rested her head in his shoulder as he noticed her body temperature was higher than usual- Do you feel ok? – He asked with a worrying frown
-I think I caught Samantha´s cold-she confessed
-You should be resting-
-You really don´t know other single parents, do you?-
He nodded negatively then answered –No-
-We can´t afford to rest, besides I´m used to. We´d been alone for more than three years now. Beside Fridays when my sister takes care of Samantha allowing me to be in the office all day so I can telework all though the week, it has been only the two of us.
-Not any more-Loki answered as he felt a new admiration for her-Now you have me too-
She looked at him with loving eyes, she could feel her heart pounding at her chest as she answered –I know-
She had started clinging to that thought, that he wouldn´t leave, that he was there to stay although deep down she feared he´d left someday; after all Earth wasn´t even his home planet.