-Aren’t them cute?-Tony asked Steve-Is like having a couple of teens-as they watched them argue as they started a new game.
-They do make a nice couple-Steve replied
-Hey Loki, Tony shouted- When are the two of you tying the knot?-he enjoyed watching Loki squirm
Before Loki could even think of a reply Diane asked Tony- Tony, how´s Pepper? I´ve been thinking on getting together for a cup of coffee and ask her if she´s ever going to make an honest man out of you- she mischievously asked.
Loki covered his mouth trying not to laugh at her response as Tony kept quiet being caught off guard by her.
Clint laughed- You really should marry Diane, her tongue is as sharp as yours-he said to Loki
-You really want to get into it Clint?-Diane answered threateningly.
-Come on-Loki interfered- Stop, you´ll make her angry and then you´ll be sorry. Believe me; my love is not to be played with-
“Did he just call me my love?” Diane became self-absorbed in her thoughts “He never called me “my love” before, not even in private”-A warm feeling crept over her as she could feel herself becoming aroused while looking at Loki though she couldn´t tell what he was talking about any more.
She suddenly kissed Loki then whispered at his ear lust reflected in her voice –I´m ready-
Loki looked at her in disbelief –Now?-
-Well, yes- then added – You want to take a rain check on it?-
-No! – Loki almost creamed as he teleported them away
-What just happened?-Thor asked as they had disappeared as he entered the room
-I think someone´s getting Loki-Clint jokingly answered
-I got no idea what you mean! Is Loki in trouble?-
-Not at all-Tony replied a smirk on his face-How could I say it delicately? Loki is getting lucky-
-You keep talking in riddles-Thor frowned
-Cap, any help? – Tony turned to Steve
-I´d rather not- Steve answered
-Doc?-he pleaded
-Don´t get me into it-Bruce answered
Thor was getting angry as no one would tell him what had made his brother disappear in such a hurry.
Then Tony though of something –Loki is romancing Diane? -He suggested trying not to anger Thor any more.
-Why didn´t just said that?-Thor frown disappeared
-Well, I thought I did –Tony replied with a relief sigh
Loki had teleported them to the top of Eiffel Tower.
-Paris!-Diane stated in surprise
-You always say you wanted to visit- Loki smiled at her
-You are amazing! – She kissed him passionately as he kissed her back she left out a soft moan.
-How about we get accommodated first- he said as he pulled out of her kiss.
-Think it´s a good idea, where to? – She hardly had ended her sentence as Loki had already teleported them to a hotel lobby.
-The Shangri-La Paris- he exclaimed –Fit for a King as it was once the home of Prince Roland Bonaparte
-You been giving this a lot of though, haven´t you? It seems you came prepared-she smiled
-Well, a bit- as she looked at him incredulous he admitted- Ok, a lot, but can you blame me? I´ve had been waiting for you to be ready for quite a while now. Do you like it?-
-Of course I do. It´s majestic. How are we going to pay for it?-Diane asked- We are not going to sneak in, are we?-
-No- he smiled at her about her question, then pulled a credit card from his back pocket.-Tony gave this to me in case of an emergency, and I think this qualifies as one.-
-Give me your best Suite-Loki stated at the desk clerk.
-Certainly Sir, it would be the Shangri-La Suite. It has a private terrace and a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower.-
-Perfect-Loki replied then added –First we´ll go shopping-
He took Diane to Avenue Montagne and Avenue George V on a shopping spree – I want to take you out to dinner-he told her before going into the first store.
-You are planning to make me wait, aren’t you?-
-Yes- he answered with a mischievous smile as he kissed her with such passion she felt lightheaded.
-Oh, you´re so bad- she protested as she regained her composure.
-Only a bit-he confessed –Come on let´s buy some more clothes –
As they entered their suite Diane couldn´t believe it, it was bigger than her apartment, it had a terrace, and panoramic windows that led to a beautiful sight of the Eiffel Tower as well as the hotel garden´s and the Grand Palais. It also had a living room, a full equipped kitchen and a Jacuzzi. The bathrooms were marble clad. Not even in her wildest dreams she had expected to be in a place such as these.
-Do you like it?-Loki asked surprising her as she had been absorbed admiring their suite.
-Yes, you have really outdone yourself. It´s amazing- she answered with a smile as he put his arms around her and kissed the back of her neck working his way down towards the junction between neck and shoulder, she gasp as the sensation travelled to her spine.
-Now, let´s get dress- he cheerfully said as he suddenly stopped.
-You, teaser- Diane admonished him
-What, can´t you wait until I´m ready?-he smirked as he winked an eye at her
-I could if you just stopped doing that-she frowned
-Ok-he laughed-I won´t tease you any more, for now. Change into that lovely black dress we bought. I want to see you in it.-
As she went into the bedroom to change he did the same choosing a dark navy blue elegant three piece suit, as he looked at himself in the mirror Diane got out and asked him –So, you like it?-she was gorgeous, the dress really framed her body, the cleavage letting him to see only a small portion of her breasts, he could feel himself aroused by the way she looked.
-You are astonishing-he said as he turned away from the mirror and walked towards her
-Thanks-she said as she blushed- You´re looking particularly handsome tonight also.-
He almost decided to skip dinner, well almost. She was beautiful.
-Madam, will you make me the honor?-he made a small bow as he offered his arm to her.
-Certainly monsieur-she answered as she accepted his offer.
They went to the hotel´s restaurant, Diane couldn´t stop gazing at the chandelier –it´s so beautiful, I´d never seen anything like it, not even in photographs-she commented to him.
They were enjoying themselves delighted at each other´s company, they didn´t felt time flying away. As they finished dinner their anticipation grew.
They barely managed to get to their suite, after they started kissing in the elevator. When they finally walked in Loki carried Diane directly to the bedroom as they kept kissing her hand running through his hair.
He lay her down as both of them kicked off their shoes and started kissing again while trying to undress each other.
-Wait, you can´t get it out like that, you have to unzip it-Diane laughed as Loki kept fiddling with her dress.
-Ok, turn around-was Loki swift reply as they sat he unzipped her dress then started to kiss her back causing soft moan sounds from Diane as he reached her neck a particular sensitive spot for her, noticing her reaction Loki bit her softly on the lower part of her neck-Loki-she purred then stand up to let her dress slide down while she turned to face him.
He was mesmerized looking at her body covered only by some green see through fabric undergarment “green, his color” then Diane pushed him down onto the bed after removing his shirt as she started softly blowing at his ear causing Loki to shiver then she nibbled his earlobe for a moment before very slowly, very softly licking his neck towards his shoulder making Loki to let out a moan as she worked her way down his chest.The way her tongue hardly touched his skin caused tingly sensations, he could feel his trousers becoming constrictive as desire built up.
Then as he reached his navel and started unzipping him he rolled on his back pinning her down to the bed as he slid out of his pants and shorts then started undoing the straps of her bra.
He diverted his attention to her navel licking her as he lowered her panties, having slipped them all the way down he opened Diane´s legs and slid his tongue tasting her clit, and she tasted amazing. Diane caught off guard let a loud moan as she felt Loki probing her, she could feel herself aching for him as he suddenly slid a finger in, then two softly massaging looking for a special spot as Diane let a louder moan he knew he had found it.
-Loki-she pleaded, she wanted his member inside of her.
-I told you I wasn´t done teasing you-he answered without stopping-Not yet I´m enjoying making you squirm-he fondle her G spot again more moans and panting followed as he starting fondling her breasts with his free hand then kissed, licked and nibbled. He had started to pull his fingers in and out of her releasing more moans as Diane called his name yearning in her voice –Please Loki-
He could feel her arching her back; she was more than ready, as he was.
He took his fingers out then pushed his throbbing member inside of her.
-Oh, god!-she exclaimed as his member penetrated her.
His eyes finally met hers –Was it worth waiting?- he mischievously asked –Yes- she answered as he slowly started to trust into her, they kissed without reservations realeasing the passion between them.
She claw his back as the rhythm got faster, arching her back as she pushed her hips up to meet him.
He could feel her walls tightening, it felt so good. He delayed his orgasm as long as he could not wanting the moment to end, as he couldn´t hold it any longer he moaned as he climax followed by Diane´s own moan as she reached her peak.
He stayed on top of her catching his breath for a moment while he came, and then slid down at her side.
They were too exhausted and exhilarated to talk, he rested his head on her chest listening to her still fast beating heart as it quiet down he turn to look at her face, she was smiling.
-I never thought that someone could make me feel whole again- she confessed to him
-I guess we complete each other, we fill each other gaps.-
She kissed him softly trying to transmit all of the love she felt for him in a single kiss. Loki closed her eyes; he knew he loved her too.
After a while he added –I´m glad I crashed in to your bedroom-
She laughed although she knew he didn’t meant it that way she couldn´t help herself between giggles she answered- Me too-
Having realized what had caused her so much delight me scolded her – You´re terrible, that´s not what I meant-
-I know, I´m sorry, I just couldn´t help myself-she said as she kept laughing
-You really are proving Clint´s and Tony´s words true, your tongue is becoming as sharp as mine, soon it will be silvering.- He chuckled then though about they both commenting she being the right woman for him, she really was. An idea popped in, he got serious and as he called her name she guessed what was on his mind.
-No, please. Don´t ask now.-
-Why? – He asked
-I would say yes if you ask, but don´t do it know.-
-Why not? – He enquired
-Because I want you to be sure, think about it. If you still want to, you can ask me in a couple of days-
-But why? – He kept asking
She sighed- When Edward left it took me a while to realize that I had fallen out of love with him long before he decided to leave. But I won´t fall out of love with you, I know it, if I loosed you it would break my heart. I just want you to be sure and not just ask me because you got carried away in the moment.-
-All right- he said certain he wouldn´t change his mind then added –Either way we wouldn´t want them to think we are doing it because we have to-
-Is that even possible?-she asked-Well after all we are from different species-
-To tell you the truth I´m not sure, I´ve never heard off a human and a jotun having a baby but you never know. Although I think it’s not very likely to happen-
She felt a bit disappointed not that she wanted a baby right now though it would have been nice to have that possibility.
-Ready for round two?-Loki asked
-All ready? – Diane asked surprised
-Yes, I´m planning on making up for all the time we have lost-
-Oh dear!- she exclaimed the jokingly added as she closed her eyes and sank into bed –I surrender, you can have your way with me- as Loki didn´t move neither responded she open an eye peaking at him. He was smiling delighted as her occurrences.
-Oh woman! You are certainly made after my own heart- then he kissed her.