-Are you going to be ok without Banner and me?-Loki asked Tony
-We will manage don´t Worry. Besides Thor is staying with us, should we need either of youwe´ll just ask him to call you back. Take care of your family, all that hero stuff can wait- Tony answered
-I will, thanks-Loki replied as they embraced.
Everything was about to change, he knew it. He felt a little guilty for stealing Banner away from the team, but the Dr. had made his own mind. Banner would stay in Asgard with them until the baby was born.
-I´m going to miss you all– Diane said while holding Natasha´s hands
-We´ll miss you to, it will be too quiet without you- she smiled
-Will you come to visit us-Diane asked
-We will-Steve answered, as all of them he was worried both for Diane and Loki- Now. Take care of yourself and the baby-
-I will- Diane answered she hoped Banner was right and she would recuperate her strength in Asgard. She hated that everyone was worried about her, specially Loki; he thought he had deceived her trying really hard to hide his feelings but she knew him better than anyone.
-Take care of your mum, sweetie-Tony said to Samantha as he hugged her, they had become a family; it was unsettling watching them leave.
-Keep us posted Doc-Clint told Banner as he patted his shoulder.
-Don´t worry, I will.-Banner answered
-I´ll help them settle in then I´ll come back-Thor informed them. They were all set to go as everyone had finished saying their goodbyes.
Everything was prepared in Asgard for their arrival, so Thor didn´t had much reason to delay his departure.
-I´ll come to visit as often as I can-Thor said to Loki
-I know you will brother- they hugged
Banner had been right barely a week they had been in Asgard Diane was strong enough to take small walks in the palace gardens.
As Diane felt better she insisted Loki to spend some time with the Avengers, she loved her husband but having him guarding her every single moment was too exhausting. It took her months, but she finally convinced him.
While in one of those missions the Bifrost suddenly opened. Lady Sif appeared.
Loki felt a pang of fear at his stomach, she wouldn´t had come without a good reason.
-Is Diane ok? – He asked her
-Yes, she is. Don´t worry. But she needs you to come back urgently, she waits for you at the healing rooms-Sif replied
That didn´t make any sense- But she´s ok, right?-Loki asked again
-Yes, but she made me promise not to tell you the reason she needs you back, she wants to tell you herself- Sif answered
-Go to her brother-Thor told him- Sif can stay and help us complete the mission-
Without a second thought Loki was gone.
-Sif is Diane really ok?-Thor asked her worryingly
-Yes, she is, I guess I can tell you. She didn´t said anything about not telling you- Then she added- A magical problem has presented itself, it appears that the twins have his father´s abilities.-
Tony whirled his head as he stated in disbelief- Twins?-
-Yes- Sif said smiling at his response
-And they are magical, right? – Thor confirmed as he raised his eyebrows
-Yes- Sif answered again
-Oh boy! Loki is going to freak. No wonder Diane made you promise not to tell him-Tony added
As Loki arrived to the healing rooms he met Banner
-Where´s Diane?-he asked worryingly
-Over hear- Diane shouted-Up here-she corrected herself
Loki looked up, Diane was suspended against the ceiling for what he thought was a magic protective barrier, he couldn’t even imagine what had happened so he asked Banner –What´s going on? How did she get up there? What happened?-
Banner had just opened his mouth when Diane interrupted him – It seems that the twins feel a tad overprotective-
-Did she just say twins?-Loki interrogated Banner
-Yes- he smiled-We performed an ultrasound earlier and we have confirmed Diane is expecting twins, a boy and a girl.-
Loki absentmindly sat on the nearest bed – Twins? – He kept asking –and they can do magic?-
-Yes- Banner answered, Loki was obviously overwhelmed by the news- They seem to be psychic linked to Diane. While attempting to take an amniotic fluid sample they created the barrier, our attempts to cross it lead to them lifting Diane up out of our reach. I guess Diane was afraid of the needle so they reacted protecting her with the barrier, but now she´s afraid of falling down so they are keeping her up there.-
Loki couldn´t believe it, he just couldn´t, he was absorbed in his thoughts when Diane called for him –Loki, a little help please?-
-Ah, yes- he had forgotten for a moment-What do you want me to do? – He asked Banner
-Well, I have the theory that the twins will recognize you as their father and let you through the barrier, and Diane will be finally able to calm down enough having you at her side so the twins will turn of the barrier. I don´t know if they will get her down before doing so, I suggest you get a good hold of Diane in case they don´t.-
-All right- Loki said –I´ll give it a try-
He concentrated for a moment as he casted a levitation spell on himself, as the distance between him and Diane shorten he said to her –Hi, how about that? twins, ah!- he was trying to distract her as he reached for the barrier – Yes- she answered with a smile then answered –I never thought they could do magic, they gave me quite a scare-she admitted.
-I can imagine- he smiled as he successfully got through the magic barrier then swiftly held Diane to avoid her from falling, he had secured her just in time as the barrier suddenly disappeared.
-Are you ok? – He asked Diane
-I think so-she answered-A little tired of all this emotions-
-I would think so, what about we call it a day Doc?-he asked Banner
-I think we all need to rest after today´s events- he answered
Loki had been resting his head softly on Diane´s belly for a good while when she asked her curiously – What are you doing?-
-Oh, sorry. I´ve been trying to communicate with our children- he answered
-Any luck? – She asked
-They are too young to understand thoughts as we do, but they communicate through emotions, right now I think they are happy- Loki told her with a smile
-I´m feeling happy too- she said to Loki as she kissed him.