-I´m pregnant?! This can´t be happening!! I can´t be!!- were Leah´s thoughts as she ran down the corridor, she didn´t knew where she was running to nor she cared, she just knew she had to get as far away of the penthouse as possible, tears were running down her cheeks, why was this happening?, only the day before she thought Loki´s visits were dreams and now she knew she was pregnant with his child. He could´ve least told her why, even if it was a lie, he could´ve told her something.

Exhaustion made her trip and there she stayed lying on the ground as she let all the emotions of the last day overwhelmed her. Panic made her sit up as she noticed her breathing becoming constricted , but it didn´t helped, she had no idea of where she was, she had been in such a hurry to escape and now she was alone. She could feel a dull pain in her chest, it was different from the pain she usually felt, sharper. As she let herself slide to the ground she could hear voices at the distance calling for her, but she wasn’t able to call them back, a sweet sensation of oblivion filled her as her senses faded away.

-She is in the southeast corridor of the north wing two levels below the penthouse Sir- The AI answered Tony.

-How the hell she got away so far so fast?- was Tony´s response –Never mind that, Steve, Thor you are the fastest go get her, Banner will be waiting for you on the medical word, I´ll guide you to her.-

Steve speed and agility gave him the advantage as he was the first to arrive, he reached her just as she felt unconscious, swiftly he carried her directly to the medical ward where Banner, Clint and Natasha had been waiting for them. After what seemed an eternity Banner went out the ward to the small waiting area where the rest of the team was waiting for news.

-Will she be all right? –Thor asked him concern written all over his face

-Yes she will Thor.-Banner told him with a smile

-Thank God!-Tony sighed with relief then asked –What the hell happened?-

– Jarvis was right it was a panic attack, she´ll be fine. –Banner answered then he noticed the questioning looks of both Thor and Steve

-Sorry, I just realized you don´t know what that means, a panic attack is a strong emotional response combined with psychological and physical symptoms that …-

-I´m sorry Doctor, you are losing them – Tony interrupted slightly amused by the even more puzzled and worried looks on both Thor and Steve.

– She was too scared – was Bruce short explanation – I can´t say I blame her, it was a terrible way to break her the news-

-And Fury wasn´t exactly helping either – Tony added

-Can I see her? – Thor asked

-I gave her something to sleep, you won´t be able to talk to her until morning, but you can see her if you want.-

-I would like to if you allow it – Thor answered

-I do, just don´t wake her, she needs to rest.-

When Thor walked in Leah´s room he saw her wearing an oxygen mask, and also noticed an IV strapped to her hand, she now reminded him more off the first time they met, he had finally found her in an hospital not far away from the bridge where Loki and him had been fighting, Loki had left her there after saving her from him.

She had disappeared from his life a couple of months afterwards, he had assumed she had moved on with her life. And now she had reappeared in his life in the most unimaginable circumstances.

-So Doc, what´s your prognosis?- Tony asked Bruce, they were all together trying to figure out what to do next about SHIELD´s intentions to Leah.

-Considering everything that has happened to Leah a panic attack is the least harmful thing that could have happened, she is in no physical danger, but we need to keep her away from stressful situations, or there is a good chance of this happening again.-

-You are kidding me right? Can´t yo gibe her something to avoid this from happening again? Yoga, perhaps? –Tony said as he nervously smiled as he though like that´s gonna happen, no stress full situations, right …

-I can give her something to lessen the anxiety but I´d rather not medicate her if we can help it. And about stressful situations, reassuring her we won´t deliver her to SHIELD might be a good first step.-

-I think we can all agree that giving her up to Fury isn´t a choice.-Steve stated

-Of course not – Thor voiced –Why do they want her anyway?-

-A bargain chip –Natasha answered then explained –It gives them the upper hand against Loki, either to force him as their allied or to capture him.-

-That is not how an honorable warrior behaves – Thor said with disgust

-I agree Thor, and that´s why we are going to do everything on our power to keep her safe.-Steve reassured him

-There´s another problem you hadn´t thought about – Clint added – SHIELD won´t be the only one after her if the word spreads out.-

-What do you mean? – Tony asked concern showing on his voice

-Loki has both allies and enemies that will stop at nothing to seize the opportunity to control him. –

Everyone went quite, Clint had made a good point. The first one to speak again was Steve – There’s no point on worrying about that right now though I would suggest we raise the security in the tower just in case.-

-Consider that done – Tony replied quickly – now, should we draw straws to see who gets to tell Fury he won´t be getting his hands o her?-

-I´ll do it Tony. – Steve answered –All things considered she is safer with us that in the hellicarrier, and also more comfortable, if that doesn’t convince him …-

-You can always tell him I´ll withdraw his funds – Tony interrupted him with a smirk

-You really would do that? –Natasha asked

-Yes, I would, using a woman and her unborn child against Loki sounds like something a terrorist would do, and I´m not funding terrorists –

-Then we are settled, now Doctor, what would be the next step to help Leah to get better.-

-Normally, therapy or group therapy is suggested especially considering her history but I´m afraid that´s not an option right now due to security issues, so I recommend we take turns talking to her, even just listening to her might be helpful, though we have to be careful not to overwhelm her, we don´t want her to shut us down. – Banner answered

-So you want us to play shrink? – Tony replied with irony

Banner continued as he hadn’t heard him -Thor and Natasha should give it a try first, they have the best chance of reaching her – looking at Thor and Natasha questioning and almost in denial looks he added – Natasha is the only woman apart from her, she will feel more comfortable talking to her than with the rest of us, as for Thor I think I´ve already explained that she trusts him.-

-Well at least it sounds like a plan, I don´t think it can go worse than it already has –Tony said then added – Come on Steve let´s tell Fury he won´t be getting his hands on Leah any time soon.