-What happened? – Was Leah´s first though as she woke up in the early morning –Oh, yes! I remember now! – for a moment she felt scared she was back on board the hellicarrier until she saw the lights of New York City at the distance.

As she sighed with relief she noticed she was in a glass window bedroom and across the hall a couch where Thor was soundly asleep, had he been there all the time?

-Yes, he´s been there all night.- Natasha´s voice as she came in the room pulled her out of her thoughts. –How are you feeling?-

-Better, I guess – Leah answered she didn´t wanted to think of her feelings right now – I´m a text book lady in distress, am I not? – she asked with a sad smile

-I wouldn´t say text book, but yes you are –Natasha smirked – Do you want to talk about it?-

-Not really – Leah admitted, then asked her – Is it really true? Am I pregnant with Loki´s child? – She hoped against all odds she had dreamed that part.

-Yes, you are – Natasha answered her as she grabbed Leah´s hands in her own to comfort her as she saw the distress in her eyes – Don´t worry, we are here for you, you are safe her-

-I don´t wanna be safe –Leah´s voice quivered – I want answers and all have now are more questions.- Tears betrayed her as she continued – Why am I still here? Why he saved me? Wy couldn´t he let me die? He knew what I was looking for, why didn´t he gave me answers? Why did he kept coming to me? Why did he finally decided to tell me the truth? What am I to him, a toy? – she barely ended her last sentence when she broke down in tears, Natasha held her as she kept crying.

-I´m sorry Leah, I don´t know the answers, why are they so important to you? – She wanted to understand her, that way she might be able to help her.

-Because I don´t know any more what my purpose is –Leah whispered as soon as her crying subsided then she asked Natasha – Do you think he knows … that I´m pregnant?-

After all Loki had done to her Leah´s question surprised Natasha – I don´t think so, why you ask?-

-I … I´m not sure, I know I should be angry at him and I am, but I miss him also. Now that I know everything I thought I dreamed is true I don´t know what to think.-

Thor interrupted their conversation as he walked into the room –Leah, you are awake, how are you feeling? – He asked concern written all over his face.

-Uhm, better, thanks. I´m so sorry I made you all worry.-

-You don´t have to apologize, I´m glad you are feeling better, are you hungry? Should I bring you breakfast?-

-Breakfast would be fine Thor, thank you – Leah gave him a small smile.

As Thor left Natasha asked – Leah, do you love Loki?-

Leah blushed – I don´t know, I never thought about it, I was certain I was dreaming, that it was all in my head. That once I finally found him and get the answers I wanted the dreams would stop and I would have to go on with my life. Now, I´m confused, I don´t know what´s true and what’s a lie.-

-What do you mean? – Natasha frowned

-Well, we talked a lot – Leah blushed again as she lower her gaze – I know it´s hard to believe due to my actual predicament, but that wasn´t the only thing we did.-

-Oh! I didn´t mean … – Natasha quickly apologized

-Don´t apologize – Leah interrupted her – This is so confusing, and I know Loki isn´t a good guy but he isn´t that bad either, well; at least he isn´t for me. I´m not making any sense.-Leah sighed with frustration – I wish I could talk to him.-

Natasha looked at her with understanding eyes, she did had an idea of what she meant. –I´m sorry, but I don´t think that´s going to happen any time soon.-

-I know. – Leah answered – I didn´t though it would – as she said the words she looked sad.

-Breakfast is serve, my lady – Thor said with a smile as he entered the room bringing with him a tray – You like strawberries if I remember correctly.-

-Yes, I do – Leah smiled – I can´t believe you remembered.-

-Of course I did.- Thor smile grew larger.

This is a bad idea” Natasha thought to herself “I hope it´s only my imagination” But she had a feeling it wasn´t.